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Ostatki Religion

on Sun Sep 25, 2016 7:42 pm
In the beginning was ET XINRU, and all things existed in Him. He made for Himself a hall in the heavens, an eternal dwelling place above the firmament of the void. The hall was named Et-Kahur, and its wall was without edge or corner. The hall was covered with a domed ceiling, upon which were the images of things that were yet to come. In the middle was a throne of green crystal, and in front of the throne was a portal into the void.

When the hall was complete, and ET XINRU was seated on His throne in the midst of His glory, a beast came out of the void to attack the hall. The beast tried to devour the wall and the dome and the throne, but ET XINRU smote the beast and dropped its body into the portal that leads to the void. An explosion gripped the beast and scattered it throughout the void.

Then ET XINRU leaned over the portal that leads into the void, and with His breath He ignited the fragments of the beast. The splinters of its bones became the stars, and its flesh became the planets. EX XINRU took the soul of the beast and divided it into nine pieces. He made one of these pieces into Et Zakaz, the Angel of Order, and charged him with setting the stars and the planets in their courses. This he did, and He was pleased.

When this was done ET XINRU made Et Zvur, the Angel of Creatures, and Et Zorov, the Angel of Health. Et Zvur made all manner of living things to populate the planets, and Et Zorov fortified them against the dangers of the stars and the planets.

A moment later, after countless years had passed, EX XINRU made Et Razum, the Angel of Intelligence. Et Razum went among the planets and found those creatures that were the most advanced, and gave them the gift of thought. For these blessed creatures He made Et Okurana, the Angel of Protection, that they might be safeguarded from the lesser beasts and plants that lived among them.

Those blessed creatures soon took to quarreling among themselves, and used the aid of Et Okurana to wage war on each other. For this reason Et Okurana took the name Et Voynu, and became known as the Angel of War. ET XINRU was displeased at this, for His blessed creatures were destroying themselves over minor things. He made Et Mur, the Angel of Peace, that they might live in harmony.

When all were living together without quarrel, He made Et Lurlyu, the Angel of Love. Et Lurlyu caused the blessed creatures to multiply and spread over their planets. To support these great populations, He made Et Furma, the Angel of Agriculture. Et Furma taught the blessed creatures mastery over the plants and animals, and they greatly prospered.

Then ET XINRU went to His chosen race, the Ostatki, and swore to them that He would set them above the rest. They expanded beyond their world, and tried to set up an empire in the stars, but they were stymied, because they could not speak quickly with each other. So ET XINRU made Et Govur, the Angel of Communication. Et Govur gave a revelation to them, and they made devices with which to communicate between planets. The Ostatki made a great empire, and ruled it with the wisdom of Et Zakaz.

During the days of the Ostatki Star Empire Et Zorov, the Angel of Health, surveyed the great expanses of the galaxy. He said to himself, “all of this is possible because I protected the peoples from dangers and diseases. It is I who built walls of magnetism around the inhabited planets, I who gave knowledge of vaccines and antibiotics. I am the only one who cares for them. Et Zvur makes all manner of harmful monsters to torment them, and Et Voynu stirs them to fight and destroy each other. It is I who should rule them.”

He went to Et-Kahur, the great hall of ET XINRU. He said to Him, “ET XINRU, I should rule over the blessed creatures, for it is I who have kept them safe and allowed them to grow. Tell them to worship me.”

But ET XINRU was displeased with His servant’s brash request, and said to him, “You are not the only one to which they owe their success. Et Zakaz built the galaxy and made it possible for habitation. Et Zvur turned lifeless material into living things, and set them against each other that they might grow stronger. Et Razum made them rational creatures, able to think like you or I. Et Okurana gave them strength, and Et Mur gave them compassion. Et Lurlyu and Et Furma made them bountiful, and Et Govur connected the disparate worlds and made them cohesive. Above it all, I made it possible, by creating the Universe and each Angel according to its needs.”

When ET XINRU had finished, Et Zorov left the hall in anger, and swore to himself that if he would not be given the galaxy, he would take it. He made a terrible plague and unleashed it on the empire of the Ostatki. The galaxy shook under its destruction, and many worlds were depopulated, their cities destroyed. Before the plague could destroy every planet in the galaxy, ET XINRU confronted Et Zorov and rebuked him. He banished him into the desolate area, and built a wall between him and the remaining worlds. Then it pleased ET XINRU to build another wall around the faithful people of the Ostatki, to insulate them from further harm. And so they lived among their seven worlds in social peace and religious unity, protected and guided by the Council of the Duma.
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