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Duma Council and the Nine Ministries

on Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:58 pm
The Ostatki Federal Government is made up of nine ministries, the heads of which form a body called the Duma Council. The ministries are as follows:

Ministry of Order: The Ministry of Order is responsible for the smooth running of the government. Its Department of Arbiters forms the Ostatkis’ judicial system, and its Department of Fiscal Resources is responsible for collecting and distributing taxes. The Ministry of Order also operates the Department of Homeworld Affairs, an internal intelligence agency. The head of the Ministry of Order has the title ‘Judge Minister’ and is considered the ‘first among equals’ of the Duma Council. The current head of the Ministry of Order is Obya Zanostur, a moderate man who is seen by many as unwilling to change the status quo.

Ministry of Defense: The Ministry of Defense, rarely renamed the Ministry of War if the situation calls for it, is responsible for the defense of the Ostaki worlds and the operation of its federal army and navy. The current Minister of Defense is Admiral Arium Zarre, an outspoken proponent of militarization.

Ministry of Peace: The Ministry of Peace is the diplomatic branch of the Ostatki government, responsible for negotiating treaties and mediating international disputes. The current Minister of Peace is Nenzury Beskura. It is thanks to her and her ministry’s valiant efforts that the Ostatki have elected to remain a part of the Galactic Confederacy.

Ministry of Intelligence: The Ministry of Intelligence is dedicated to the research and acquisition of new technologies, as well as the operation of the Ostatki university system. It is currently headed by Doctor Brod Sosna, the former head of the Department of Extradimensional Physics Research. Dr. Sosna is extremely interested in unusual and unexplained phenomena and has received funding to outfit several science ships for long-term voyages.

Ministry of Natural Life: Maintaining a healthy planet is recognized by the Ostatki as a noble goal, and the Ministry of Natural Life is devoted to studying and preserving the natural beauty of Ostatki worlds. It also takes charge of terraforming dead worlds, which the Ostatki view as a sacred task. The current Minister of Natural Life is Zeleny Palets.

Ministry of Health: The Ministry of Health runs the Ostatki hospital system and conducts research into new drugs and disease cures. It also acts as disaster relief when necessary. The current Minister of Health is Doctor Vruch Lekurzt.

Ministry of Agriculture: The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for overseeing the production and distribution of food within the Ostatki Protectorate. The current Minister of Agriculture is Pitun Sudovor.

Ministry of Communications: This Ministry is concerned with both external and internal communication channels. It maintains and operates the Ostatki node network as well as the Ostat Beacon. In addition, it operates and controls the space internet and space fax machine lines. The current Minister of Communication is Grekum Kolokol.

Ministry of the Population: The Ministry of the Population regulates internal trade between the worlds of the Ostatki Protectorate (external trade goes through the Ministry of Peace). In addition, it takes a census of the Protectorate every five years and ensures that no planet has a shortage of any type of laborer or worker. The current Minister of the Population is Nazul Eniyay.
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