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Re: Operation: Rebirth - Project Evaluation

on Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:51 pm
Right, so I voted "I have an alternate opinion" in terms of the second poll, though it also ties in with my answer for the third. I know many of us have vary different expectation of the project. While I would love to see this become something greater, I do view the PCG very much as a hobby in its current state. During the spring and fall semesters (especially starting at about the halfway points of the semesters), the majority of my time tends to be consumed by coursework, with the remainder spent either visiting my family once a month or socializing with my "IRL friends".

Now that winter break is within sight, everyone is bound to have some temporary relief from course work. As such, I'd like to propose our first real world building write-off. Over the course of a week, it would be fun for everyone to write a 1-5 page short story in response to a predetermined prompt. The story does not need to involve major characters. In fact, it might make things even more interesting if we focused on only snapshots of life in one of the 'verse's factions.
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Re: Operation: Rebirth - Project Evaluation

on Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:17 pm
First off, I'm glad you're okay.

Second, am I correct in assuming that you got tired of memes and random nonsense? Regardless, I agree that we need to wrap this up and launch the vanilla product. We can expand more later, but we need to finish laying the foundation and move on before things get lost in the void of randomness and inactivity.

I think the restriction is good, however, I think slight similarities are okay. But no outright copies or slight changes to others' works. Save maybe for a minor fandom nod for minor ships, names, or locations. (Not as universe defining details, just as showing that we appreciate the classics.)

I like the Rebirth idea. I'm also fine with using ideas from it in the old universe, but I'm very intrigued to see this happen. I think that the old 'verse was our 12-16 year old selves. This is what comes next.

I believe that this is and always has been a hobby. But I see no reason why a bunch of smart people can't take that hobby and make something more out of it. It'd be nice to see it develop beyond being "just a hobby" but I feel that either as a proper pursuit, or a form of entertainment for our small group, it holds merit.



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Re: Operation: Rebirth - Project Evaluation

on Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:31 pm
I think that Kojan's idea is excellent. I haven't been very involved lately, but during break if we had something like a short-story-athon I'd definitely take part. The main rule should be that you must finish your work. Razz

As for the direction of Rebirth, I think that it is certainly a hobby, but a really cool one that we can define ourselves. As a big Star Wars Expanded Universe fan who got kind of thrown under the bus when Disney took over, I see the merit in a fandom that we can control.

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Re: Operation: Rebirth - Project Evaluation

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