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For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

Oh, and before to go― please, grab a sidearm. It gets a bit crazy around here...

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PCS PCC-01 Texas

on Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:50 pm
~Start File~


The Texas line of starships were amongst the first starships to serve in the Phoenix Command Group.  The original Texas (Designated PCC-01) and was designed from the frame of the UHF Federal Defence Force’s Reliant class cruisers.  Specifically, the Texas was built on frame of the Anastasia (FCC-8911), Captain Scarlett’s ship from his time in service (see FDS FCC-8911 Anastasia).

The Texas class was designed as a fast cruiser, specifically made with an emphasis on speed and agility.  The Texas typically serves in escort, support, or patrol capacities.  The ship has around 1000 crewmembers along with a small Starquest Marine detachment and a small wing of fighters and a dropship.

Because of its smaller size, the Texas class is has been produced into quite a few ships of the line, many of which now serve within the Federal Defense Force’s fleets.  The ships armament is mostly battleship-style centerline turrets with a good broadside (with as of yet unnamed weapons… LOL)  It also has two small/mid-sized lances mounted on the underside of the hull, some AA batteries, mostly around the primary superstructure on the top deck.  Ships of the line also have a small hangar bay allowing for a few dropships for marine detachments or a small fighter escort.

Thanks to its somewhat oversized engine block it’s able to maintain a higher combat speed than most ships of its size, and thanks to its smaller, more compact design and strategically placed maneuvering thrusters, it’s able to outmaneuver most ships, lending itself to a more run and gun combat style.  The when in combat, the ship’s primary role is anti-destroyer/frigate.


Class: Texas
PACS Designation: Cruiser
Affiliation: PCG/FDF
Roles: Capital Ship, Direct Combat, Anti-Destroyer, Anti-Frigate
Length: 750m
Beam: 130m
Height: 165m
Armament: pew-pew
Shielding: veeeeeeeeeeowm veeeeeeeeeeeeom
Armor: bong bong
Powerplant: eeeeeeeeee-yooooooooooom
Propulsion: woooooosh woooooooosh
Max Sublight Acceleration: vroom vroom
FTL Drive: eeeeeeeeeeeee-blip
Range: Over there….
Sensors/Comms: yep
Crew: People.  Some aliens.  I think there’s a guy with an afro shaved into a mohawk over there...
AI/Computer Systems: Not Windows Vista.
Consumables: Pizza.
LDD File:


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