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Broadbill-type Interceptor

on Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:17 pm
Broadbill-type Interceptor


LXF available via request, or here at a latter date

Affiliation: MSI/KT
Manufacturer: Vorpan Airborne Solutions, subsidary of The Logistics Group
Classification: Multirole Interceptor
Roles: Interceptor, recon, racer
Dimensions: Length: 13.8m, Width: 16.4m, Height: ~2m
Armament: Longshanks-type longguns (x2), C/Ms-type mounting point (x2)
Shielding: none included on stock model
Armor: 2cm rot'mium plating
Powerplant: Twinshead-type power generation system (x4)
Propulsion: custom-fit Melh-made propulsion outlets (x4)
Max Sublight Acceleration: ~7,500 G
FTL Drive: N/A
Sensors/Comms: varies based on customer order
Complement: N/A
Crew: 1
AI/Computer Systems: varies based on customer order to match comms kit
Consumables: 3 days

Designed by VAS following the Reforms of 2600 & put into production in 2607, the Broadbill-type Interceptor relies on a tight-knit set of components and systems to remain lightweight and compact. Public opinion on the craft remains divided due to the low modularity and high repair costs, which some feel is an unacceptable tradeoff for the craft's remarkable ability. Other features were trimmed as well, including shields, a FTL drive, and weaponry - focusing on a quick and nimble craft instead of the versatility and durability of legends such as the Brachialis (though an impressive sensor suite remains available for the Broadbill's... well, bill). Rumours abound about secret VAS programs to diversify the ship into different areas (such as atmospheric combat, drone flight, and other fringe applications), but past attempts by other companies to forge a "jack-of-all-trades" has resulted in "masters-of-none". Time will tell whether VAS chooses to take the risk that failed to reward many others...

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