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For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

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Privateers, Pirates, and Mercenaries! (V2.0)

on Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:34 pm
In 2607, Talvis Maren, the most notorious pirate captain of his day, bit off more than he could chew.

With the constant threat of the
Hades' Gate and the rest of the aligned pirate fleet being a thorn in the side of more than one faction, several GC empires combined a small fleet dedicated to hunting them down. They successfully cornered Captain Maren at Taygethek and a fierce battle ensued.

It wasn't in the pirates' favor.

Maren successfully escaped, but most of the pirate fleet was gone, and the invincible
Hades' Gate forced to limp away like a wounded animal.

Now, with a large fleet on their tail, the pirates have to make their escape, staying one step ahead while figuring out how to permanently defeat or elude their pursuers.

I'm planning on starting this back up again, if that's not obvious. Razz The start date is whenever I get around to it, but in the meantime I'll put this up for discussion and planning. If you guys want to make characters and whatnot, go ahead.

I gotta get the VV map at least to a point where all the planets and routes are added, so that we have a map to use. We'll be using Tetra's Feather of the Veil tabletop wargame system for combat. I'll come up with other game mechanics for stuff, like currency, movement across the map, stuff like that. Also building ships (anyone feel free to contribute to that if you feel like it. I'll take as many ships, probably between 0-600 meters or so typically, as anyone is willing to make).

What to expect:
You'll be using larger fleets. Unlike the last, this RP will be *all* fleet combat. Each player will be in command of their own little group of ships, which they'll need to manage. The Hades' Gate will be taking more of a support role, as a sort of "mothership" that's too slow and damaged to participate in much combat but that the rest of the pirate fleet will rally around, if that makes sense.

I'll try to carry as much stuff over from the last RP as possible, but between changes to the universe and game mechanics some stuff from the old one won't fit. For example, several of you will need to make new characters (or modify the old ones), since they were non-VV species, weren't ship commanders, stuff like that. Some mechanics probably won't transfer over (for example, I'm thinking of ditching the multiple-currency system, due to complexity).

Since this is a one-time game with unique mechanics that isn't going to be beta-tested, there's no telling how it'll go. It could be incredibly easy or impossibly hard, really slow or over as soon as it's begun. So hopefully it goes well, but be prepared in case it doesn't. Razz

Anyway. Contribute stuff if you want to, and we'll hopefully get this up and operational soon.


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Re: Privateers, Pirates, and Mercenaries! (V2.0)

on Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:13 pm
Wooo, actual forum posts. Feels weird after so long. 0.0

Anyway, am I going to remain as Maren, or am I going to have to come up with a new char while Maren serves as in an NPC leader-type role? I'm fine either way, but considering the HG is his flagship, I doubt Maren would spend too much time away from it too often. Also he seems like the NPC leader type... but also fun to play and saves me work... hrm... scratch

A quick note: since we'll be using FotV, I'm going to need a list of all the ship classes with at least a rough description of their capabilities so I can assemble a "pirate codex" (I forget what we were called, but I seem to remember not liking the name. Any new ideas there?). I (or whoever GMs the FotV games themselves) am also going to need some form of art asset for every ship so we can represent them on the map.

While you're revising your chars for the RP, you also might as well create their in-game character profile, too— all their abilities and such. I've recently altered the system to be quite a bit more manageable (I think). I'm not sure how Arik plans on implementing ranks (same ranks for everyone, or different? If different, how many levels of each?) and multiple characters per player (just the main char? One subordinate? Two?). Keep in mind, though, FotV is in a fairly volatile state ATM, and quite a bit is subject to change. If anyone needs help in regards to... well, anything FotV-related, you all know how to contact me. Once I figure out who I'm play, I should be able to create an example character real quick. Wink

Anyway, that's all my FotV-centered text wall plus singular question. Feels nice to be on the forum again. Razz

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