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Y-3 Lightning Hawk

on Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:56 pm

The Y-3 "Lightning Hawk" is the standard dropship of the Imperial Air Force and Marines. It is a trans-orbit ship, meaning it can shuttle between troops on the ground and transport vessels in space. The dropship utilized Rotator Wing technology; when in flying from location to location, the wings are fixed in a position that allows the thrust of all eight fusion engines to propel the ship forward. However, when it reaches a destination, the two outer engines and sections of the wings flip upwards to form a 90 degree angle so that it may drop off its payload, often supplies, troops, tanks, or LT-155s.

2 (Not including infantry or vehicle crews, who often remain inside their vehicles or modules)

2x 150mm Cannons

750mm Titanium-Yakaium Grade A Armor Plating

Top Airspeed:
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