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Y-6 Thunder Eagle

on Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:03 pm

The Y-6 "Thunder Eagle" is the largest dropship ever employed by the Yaka Empire for any purpose. Twice the size of the Lightning Hawk, the Y-6 is able to transport much larger vehicles. At one time it can transport one HT-255, two tanks, or three LT-155s, in addition to a platoon's worth of soldiers. The large number of heavy weapons on the dropship also allows it act as a heavy support unit, laying down fire with heavy cannons to combat enemy vehicles or infantry. The three anti-aircraft guns on the top of the vehicle gives the Y-6 a fighting chances against fighters and other dropships. A permanent infantry module is located in a section behind the cockpit section.

Crew:4 (Not including infantry or vehicle crews, who often remain inside their vehicles or module)

9x Anti-Aircraft Rapid-Cycling Auto Guns
6x 150mm Cannons
2x Rapid-Cycling Auto Guns

1056mm Titanium-Yakaium Grade A Armor Plating

Top Airspeed:
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