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Major Jaeger Schultz

on Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:32 pm
=Gender: Male

=Age: 34

=Birthdate: April 13th, 2568

=Species: Human

=Character Physical Appearance: Jaeger is 6’2” and lean, though very strong. Of German decent, Jaeger has piercing blue eyes and short-cut brown-blonde hair. He has a sharp jaw and high cheekbones. Jaeger usually shaves in such a way as to leave a decent amount of stubble left on his chin and jaw.

=Character Battledress: “Dragons’ Skin” pants and long-sleeve shirt; Titanium-Yakaium Grade C armor plating for breastplate, shoulder guards, knee guards, elbow guards, shin plates, forearm plates, and M10e helmet; Imperial Army Standard Issue RP-14b Gas Mask

=Standard weapons: Radion Plasma Pistol-2, SAG-86

=Career: Imperial Army, 240,001st Company CO

=Post: Planet “Pumilius Pumilio Ager”, a dwarf grassland planet in Imperial space; Imperial forces fighting a Plague outbreak

=First Officer/Best Friend/Campanion: Xen Anderson (240,000th Company CO)

=Bio: Born to two sergeants in the Imperial Army, Jaeger was raised on one of the Empire’s several military planets. He did very well in school, and went on to attend an elite military college, graduating as First Lieutenant at 22. For the next twelve years, Jaeger fought on the battlefields of a dozen planets, engaging Yor, pirates, and, most recently, the spreading forces of the Plague outbreak. He has been deployed on Pumilius Pumilio Ager for the last two years, being promoted twice during that time. One week ago, the 240,001st Company’s commanding Major was killed by a “Borer” artillery shell that hit the command bunker, leaving Jaeger to take his place. With 1,250 infantry at his disposal, Jaeger makes excellent use of the men under his command.

=Personality: Intelligent, Jaeger is a practiced tactician. Off duty, he is very charismatic, dealing with people easily and overall fun to be around. In battle, he takes on a much more serious character, leading his men with a booming voice and rousing battle-speeches. He is not afraid to throw himself into the trenches with his men, and does so about 99% of the time.

=Flagship: Normally stationed on the Conveyance Class Transport Ship “YCN Fredrick”
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