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Captain Johnnyred's Starship Database

on Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:51 pm
~ Start Transmission ~

Here you can find all the ships, starfighters, and ground forces that are a part of the Texas Rangers Space Defense Unit under the command of Captain Johnnyred.  There will be a few listed that are not actually of my making, but were given to me by dear friends.  I shall make sure to be specific when I upload them that they are not of my design and list whomever made them.

Johnnyred works closely with the LEGO Space Agency as well, having great respect for the courage of this unit that is so much smaller than Star Fleet, and yet, having done just as great of deeds.  He personally helped design their Regency Class Heavy Carrier and modified four of their Serenity Class Patrol Ships (One of them he turned from an old freighter into this small, but powerful ship.)  He has also donated several F-101 Daggers and F-114B Phoenixes.

Enjoy!  Feel free to use them in whatever so long as you give me credit.  However, any technology that I may have come up with is not to be used in anyone else's MOCs without permission from myself.  (i.e. Wave Motion Engines, Wave Motion Guns, Wave Motion Torpedoes, Wave Motion Depth Charges, and Wave Motion Technology in general)

~ Canon Starships ~
- Defiant I Class: Perfect Grade -

- Constitution I Class: Perfect Grade -

- Constitution II Class: Perfect Grade -

- Miranda I Class: Perfect Grade -

- Constellation Class: Perfect Grade -

- Intrepid Class: Perfect Grade -

- Excelsior Class: Perfect Grade -

- Steamrunner Class: Perfect Grade -

- Akira Class: Perfect Grade -

- Galaxy Class: Perfect Grade -

- Sovereign Class: Perfect Grade -

~ Non-Canon Starships ~
- Rhode Island Class: Perfect Grade -

- Mayo Class -

- Arcadia Class: Perfect Grade -

- Texas Class: Perfect Grade -

- Patriot Class: Perfect Grade -

- Stocker Class: Perfect Grade -

- OMEGA Class Shield Ship: Perfect Grade -

- Blazing Angel Class: Perfect Grade -

- Hammerhead Class: Perfect Grade -

- Longsword Class: Perfect Grade -

- Paladin Class: Perfect Grade -

- Andromeda Class: Perfect Grade -

- Oregon Trail Class: Perfect Grade -

- Arondite Class -

- Argo Class: Perfect Grade -

~ Johnnyred's Refit and Conversion Yards ~
For those spaceships which you would like refitted in Johnnyred style or in the way I would have built them, or if you have a ship built with physical LEGO that you would like transferred into LDD (Pictures from each angle must be sent via PM).
Now accepting requests!

- Triumphant Refit - Original Creator: Spacedude1234567, later refitted by Legotrain587 -

~ Starfighters ~

- F-35 Razerhawk -

- F-56 Wildstar -

- F-85 Rapier -

- F-101 Dagger -

- F-114 Phoenix -

~ Other Aircraft ~
~ Ground Craft ~
- XG-57 Shuriken -

- XG-124 Excalibur -

- XG-168 Katana -

~ Mobile Suits ~

- RX-06 Chameleon Hardsuit

~ Johnnyred's Space Agency Database ~

- End Transmission -
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