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Arka'ries Warp Gate

on Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:29 am
~ Start Entry ~

The following entry is direct from Star-Hunter's entry. If anyone has any more info regarding this ship feel free to PM it to me and I shall update the entry.

"Recently introduced by the Delver fleet, Arka'ries Jump Gates are capable of generating Trans-Warp streams to virtually any location in this galaxy. Each one runs on a set amount of Omega energy, which is usually resupplied by the Dereyae every few months. They naturally possess no weaponry, but each gate is heavily shielded and equipped with a subspace distress beacon in the event of a significant attack. Only five have been built.

Access to Arka'ries is restricted, however Essaych has granted members of the Phoenix Command Group the ability to travel via this system in case of necessity."

- Image -

- Lxf. -'ries.lxf

~ End Entry ~
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Re: Arka'ries Warp Gate

on Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:09 pm
This was one of the last creations of S-H's that I saw. For some reason, even though I think it was one of his oldest, I didn't see until the last. Razz It's ingeniously designed. It actually served as an inspiration for something I have built and have yet to release. Wink

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