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MTR-02 Frontier Class Battle Walker Empty MTR-02 Frontier Class Battle Walker

on Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:07 am
MTR-02 Frontier Class Battle Walker GetMedia

LDD file:

Following the production of the successful MTR-01 series of mechanized walkers built by the Mechanion Union, Mechanion decided to improve its Mech and Walker vehicle capabilities to be able to better match its allied counterparts. The MTR-02 Frontier Class Battle Walker Mech was planned, and prototypes were built. The MTR-02 series was officially launched two years later.

Prime buyers of the MTR-01 series had been mostly private companies and some Star Force divisions. With the introduction of the MTR-01, Star Force had initially hired Mechanion Union to build them some light infantry support. With the introduction of the MTR-02, Star Force fully hired Mechanion and so began their building partnership.

The Frontier Class marked Mechanion Union's entry to new frontiers with Star Force becoming their main customers. With a galactic superpower at their side, Mechanion Union became a business superpower, rivaling even United Star Fighters Incorporated, the privately owned Talmidian Starship Industries, and the Delivery Ship Company!

The Frontier is armed with several weapons systems, especially its Heavy Barrel weaponry, able to fire shells of such caliber that they can decimate entire squadrons of infantry (and everything around them) in one shot, assuming that they are all grouped together like sitting ducks.

That's pretty much it. Bye!
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