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MTR-03 Horizon Class Scout Walker Mech Empty MTR-03 Horizon Class Scout Walker Mech

on Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:15 am
MTR-03 Horizon Class Scout Walker Mech GetMedia

LDD file:

The MTR-03 Horizon is class of Scout Walkers built by Mechanion Union and bought by Star Force to service their need of Scout Walkers.

Armed with two Dual Light Blasters and one Dual Anti-Infantry Blaster, a group of Scout Walkers can easily take out a larger vehicle and can take out a full squad of Infantry too. However, while doing so it has to act quickly, since its open cockpit and light armor provide limited protection against enemy fire. As for when it's on its own, it's a nice thing to have if you need a quick getaway or want to come in for a lightning strike, but otherwise....

Well, let's just say it's a good thing (for us) that these guys hunt in packs.

Defenses include a light armor coating and also a light shrink-wrap Shield Generator in the bulky part at the back.

Horizons are mostly piloted by soldiers who took the Elite or Driver courses in the Star Force Academy, but there are some Pilots who found themselves sitting in the cockpit of an MTR-03, and proved to be quite experienced behind these controls too. Not much of a surprise, as the controls of these Mechs are designed to be somewhat compatible with the controls of the Star Force fighters. You see, Star Force likes consistency, to some degree.

Memory Lane comments:
AndrewJC248 wrote:NOICE. (Nice, but with an "O" in the middle to make it sound and look cooler. Kind of like "Kool".) The cockpit design is GREAT.
BatBrick7775 wrote:WOW! That's super awesome!! I totally need to use that for my book... ;P ;P Maybe shorten the legs (or bulk 'em) up a tad, and it'd be perfect! Four stars. I love that cockpit!
RememberMM wrote:Cool! The hinge panels on the cockpit are a great technique! And the legs, while thin, have a nice joint in the middle that has some good tiling over it. 5 Stars!
Yeah, everyone loves the cockpit. And I do too!!! It's noice!!! If you don't agree, then I will throw cookies at you! Eat them! Eat them alll! Mwahahahahaha! I'll throw that at you even if you do agree! EAT!!!
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