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MTR-04 Endeavor Class Recon Walker Empty MTR-04 Endeavor Class Recon Walker

on Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:19 am
MTR-04 Endeavor Class Recon Walker GetMedia

LDD file:

The Endeavor Class Recon Walker, officially known as the MTR-04, is a Star Force mech used against Infantry, Light Vehicles, and for doing reconnaissance or infiltration missions against enemy bases.

These walkers carry a heavy armament, three Quad Heavy Blasters, one Ray Gun, and one Dual Anti-Infantry Blaster. Despite all the heavy armament, the Endeavor is actually pretty light.

Armor and shrink wrap Shields represent the MTR-04's defense from weapons fire from light vehicles and infantry.

The Endeavor also sports a quick running speed, and can leap some 15 feet above the ground.

And all this can be done with one experienced driver.

Endeavors are mostly piloted by soldiers who took the Elite or Driver courses in the Star Force Academy, but there are some Pilots who found themselves sitting in the cockpit of an MTR-04, and proved to be quite experienced behind the controls of the Walker.

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this looks like a bubble sprouted arms and legs and is now running around shooting people!
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