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Supreme Admiral Maxwell Augustus Damirius Empty Supreme Admiral Maxwell Augustus Damirius

on Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:41 pm
Supreme Admiral Maxwell Augustus Damirius


Supreme Admiral Maxwell Augustus Damirius Img_0110

Maxwell Augustus Damirius is the ultimate ruler of the Galactic Imperium of Independant Worlds. As Supreme Admiral, he presides over the Assembly of Lord-Generals (which includes the top military commanders) and officially is Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Navy, Army, and Marine Corps.

Appearance: 5’4; short, dark blond hair with streaks of white appearing; similar facial hair, which includes a thin mustache and a short, well-trimmed bit of beard on his chin; bright blue eyes; heavy but sturdy build.

Age: 56

Damirius was born into a powerful family on Velonna, his father the owner of a weapons manufacturing corporation and his mother a senior government official. He had two brothers, one three years older than him and one a year younger, whose names were Frederick Thomas Damirius and John Constantine Damirius. The former went on to take over the family business, while the later became a particularly brilliant aerospace engineer, eventually founding Innovative Solutions & Starships, Incorporated, a successful starship design and construction company.

Even as a teen, Maxwell was learning the fundamentals of galactic warfare. He used to play war games—he often designed them himself—against computers, constantly challenging and exercising his mind. He also read shelves and shelves of books on the history of warfare, from Earth’s ancient warriors and kings to the commanders of the distant Phoenix Command Group. At the age of 17, he began attending the Velonna Naval Academy, where he trained to become an officer in the Velonnian Imperium Navy. He graduated quickly and rose through the ranks with ease, becoming the Commander of Minotaur Squadron.

It was at this time that Maxwell met his wife, Clara Meredith Caples. She was a field officer in the Velonnian Intelligence Agency, and Minotaur Squadron was tasked with inserting her and several other Intel operatives into foreign planets. The two became close, and married several months later.

After several years of his command, however, the Velonnian Imperium’s government became more and more corrupt. The Governors of various worlds and the Emperor of Velonna began bickering amongst themselves. The situation quickly escalated to a civil war, and the politicians in power each began grabbing their own pieces of the fracturing Velonnian military, bribing or blackmailing the officers into supporting their cause. Disgusted, Commander Damirius took his squadron and left the Velonnian Navy.
After several weeks of doing nothing but watching his nation destroy itself in a pointless war, Maxwell decided to put his skills and the skills of his men to use. Partnering with his older brother’s Entilli Devices and his younger brothers IS&S, he formed the Minotaur Mercenary Force, a formidable collection of starships that would fight anyone for the right price. It quickly won several large contracts with wealthy worlds within the Velonnian Imperium looking for a way to keep the raging civil war out of their space, making Damirius rich and giving him the resources to start expanding his capabilities. The publicity also attracted several talented commanders, such as Admiral VenJents, Admiral Spud, and Admiral Firelash, who further grew the Imperium.

Admiral Damirius (as was his title) became commander of the defense forces of nearly a dozen planets within a few years. He found himself rich, Admiral of a highly capable military, surrounded by brilliant commanders, and with a collection of planets from which he could draw resources and personnel. Realizing that he was in a position to do so, Maxwell consolidated his forces and began pacifying and reunifying the Velonnian Imperium. He finally defeated the Emperor of Velonna after a year of fighting, making the Imperium whole once more. Naturally, Damirius was named Emperor by the populace, who had been tired of the civil war and the rulers who created it for some time.

After rebuilding the Imperium, Damirius began expanding, colonizing new worlds and expanding his sphere of influence. When the Federation and Romulans began approaching his space, Damirius signed a mutual-defense treaty with the Four Worlds Treaty, Grelfucan Triumvirate, and several other groups of worlds. This treaty, which was hinged geographically and politically on Velonna, eventually evolved into the Galactic Imperium of Independent Worlds, of which Damirius became Supreme Admiral.

Clara Meredith Damirius is Maxwell’s wife, as well as Chief of Operations for the Imperial Department of Military Intelligence. They have four sons and two daughters: William Cornelius Damirius, Edgar Diggory Damirius, Gregory Brutus Damirius, Samuel Uriah Damirius, Isabella Allison Damirius, and Candice Judith Damirius, listed oldest to youngest.

William Cornelius is now 28, and a Squadron Commander in the Imperial Navy. Edgar Diggory is 26, and an engineer at his Uncle John’s company, IS&S. Gregory Brutus is 23, and, much to his father’s dismay, has become an officer in the Marines. Samuel Uriah, at 20, is attending a university on Velonna, majoring in international relations. Isabella Allison, at 18, is attending a different university, majoring in language, and planning to follow her mother’s footsteps to become an intelligence officer. Candace Judith, the youngest at 16, is attending pre-university education and planning to join the Navy.

Supreme Admiral Damirius also has two brothers, Frederick Thomas and John Constantine, who are the owners of Entilli Devices and Innovative Solutions & Starships, Inc., respectively. His mother and father are both retired and living on Velonna.

Character Evaluation:
But for his wife and children, Supreme Admiral Damirius would have long ago been hardened by his long military career and the troubles that have come along with it. As it is, his family and his responsibility to them (as well as his Christian beliefs) keeps him mellower than most career military officers in their fifties. He has an ample sense of humor and is more than capable of taking or making a joke, but nevertheless the years of hard work and the friends who have been killed in action have taken their toll on him, and he is generally quiet and withdrawn. He does his best thinking when alone in his office, surrounded by starcharts and lists and graphs explaining the state of the galaxy to him in its purest form. Maxwell values his family and his religion above all else, but even so, his devotion to his country is very great.

In present times, Maxwell rarely attends actual fleet operations, but stays at Velonna, keeping the Assembly of Lord-Generals in line and coordinating the Imperium’s long-term strategies and important operations.
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Supreme Admiral Maxwell Augustus Damirius Empty Re: Supreme Admiral Maxwell Augustus Damirius

on Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:39 pm
NIIIIIIICE profile! Well thought out, well written, includes plenty of important details... WELL done Mad! Very Happy

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Supreme Admiral Maxwell Augustus Damirius Empty Re: Supreme Admiral Maxwell Augustus Damirius

on Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:58 am
Awesome, dude! Very Happy
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