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Supreme Admiral (MSI)
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Entilli Devices, Inc.

on Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:31 pm
Entilli Devices is the top small-arms and personal equipment producers and designers in the Imperium. They produce the vast majority of rifles, side arms, incendiary devices, body armor, and light vehicles for the Imperial Military, as well as a plethora of various parts for starships, fighters, heavy vehicles, and other military units.

Entilli is headed by Frederick Thomas Damirius, brother of the Supreme Admiral, and was one of the founders of the MMF and by extension the Space Imperium. Based on Velonna, Entilli Devices has existed for generations, and was a top producer of weapons for the Velonnian Imperium and even the Velonnian nations before that. It was founded by a distant ancestor of the Frederick Thomas Damirius, in the still-existent city of Entilli, and was eventually handed down to Frederick by his father.

Entilli’s operations are almost entirely exclusive to Velonna. All of its administration is on the Imperium’s capital, in addition to most of the production facilities (though occasionally production is contracted out to other planets). The only thing not on Velonna is Entilli’s research and development facilities. Entilli is rumored to have a vast network of secret R&D centers, located everywhere from deep in the undercities of the galaxy’s ecumenopolises to uncharted planets. While many of these rumors seem exaggerated, the existence of Entilli-owned secret research facilities would be in no way surprising, as they are some of the galaxy’s leaders is all kinds of small technologies.

Entilli Devices maintains the 572nd Militia, a small fleet of armed transport ships and a well-armed, well-trained corps of elite soldiers, with specializations ranging from urban warfare to starship defense and boarding to guerrilla operations in all kinds of terrain, which it uses to secure its production and administration facilities, and, presumably, its secretive R&D department.

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