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Innovative Solutions & Starships, Inc.

on Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:32 pm
Innovative Starships & Solutions (IS&S) is the leading starship design and construction corporation in the Imperium. Headed by the brilliant engineer John Constantine Damirius (brother of the Supreme Admiral), it is responsible for building or designing approximately 45% of the Imperium’s navy, including everything from fighters to capital ships and everything in between. The company is based on Velonna, and is one of the founders of the Minotaur Mercenary Force, which eventually led to the founding of the Imperium itself.
IS&S has over the years maintained a high degree of excellence, securing their high place in the Imperium’s military-industrial complex. The company strives to include at least one innovation or improved technology in each major ship that it designs, and its Research Division is one of the foremost in the galaxy.

The company, though based on Velonna, has facilities all over the Imperium. It maintains extensive shipyards over Torium, Sarletta, and Lareeth, as well as design, research, and administrative facilities on Heareth and Conrotia, in addition to various smaller facilities on various planets.

As with many large companies in the Imperium, IS&S owns a small fleet of warships, mostly of its own design, complimented by a fighter force and a contingent of Marines. This it uses to guard its facilities and its shipments from marauders of any kind. This fleet is officially part of the Imperium Militia, and is designated the 108th Militia. Of course, as they are crucial to the Imperial military-industrial complex, IS&S’ major facilities are also watched over by Imperial Military units.

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