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History of the Blacktron Empire

on Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:06 pm

Table of Contents:
I.  Summary of the Entire History of the Blacktron Empire
--A. Current Status
II. History of the Natives of Bejerik
--A. Stone Age
-----i. Discovery of Titar
--B. Bronze Age
--C. Iron Age
III. Arrival of the Settlers
--A. Colonization
--B. Planet-wide Extermination of Inhabitants
--C. Discovery of Localized Magic Systems(Titar)
--D. Protection of Natives for the Preservation of Magic
--E. Trade Age
--F. The Great Trade War
IV. Monarchy of Aegit
--A. The Great Tariff Order
--B. Formation of Blacktron rebellion group
V. Blacktron Rebels
--A. Aegit Monarchy Replaced by Blacktron Oligarchy
------i. The Monarchy requests Space Police Intervention
--B. The War for Bejerik
------i. Battle of Deep Ditch
------ii. Battle of Obvious Marsh
------iii. Battle of IT-404
--C. Space Police Retreats
VI. The Blacktron Empire
--A. Creation of the Sub-Trons
------i. Businesstron
------ii. Shadetron
------iii. Bytetron
--B. Businesstron's Dealings
------i. Space Police Response
--C. The Cold War
--D. Intergalactic War
------i. Battle of NW 32
------ii. Battle of Yven March
------iii. Skirmish at the Horsequark Nebular
------iv. Battle of Fell East
------v. Space Police Retreat at Old Telabeth
V. Aftermath
--A. Arrest of Businesstron
--B. Genstarium and its Integration with Titar
VI. Project Dreadstorm
VII. The Dreaded War
--A. Destruction of Bejerik
VIII. Project Rebirth
--A. Stage 1
------i. Relocation to Octegeria
--------a. Official Declaration of Octegeria
--B. Stage 2
------i. War against the Cor Redor

Blacktron Timeline, from -1950 Before (Project) Rebirth to Present
-1950 BR- Intelligent life appears(or created by Bejerik).
-546 BR- Settlers from an unknown system colonize Bejerik(killing most of the inhabitants in the process) apparently because it happens to be rather close to two interstellar trade routes.
-297 BR- After nearly 300 years of prosperity and peace(discounting the short Great Trade War), the planet is rocked by impressive rioting on the part of the Blacktron(a rebel group who were upset over trading regulations and heavy taxes on their business), who overthrow the monarchy in favor of an oligarchy.
-291 BR- Space Police arrive to support former monarch and restore him to the throne.
-280 BR- After 10 years of war, the Space Police pull out after it is discovered that absolutely no one wants the monarchy.
-279 BR- Businesstron, a branch of the Blacktron government, is created. Founder, Stev Joabs, is in charge. Businesstron regulates business in the area.
-240 BR- Businesstron governmentalized all major business. Businesstron follows social Darwinism.
-219 BR- Businesstron becomes more shady, trading space drugs and smuggling weapons.
-203 BR- In response to the above criminal activities, Space Police re-asserts its authority over Bejerik.
-202 BR- Space Police starts cracking down on illegal black market sales.
-201 BR- The military council members of Blacktron start mass-producing star ships on assorted planets in the area.
-200 BR- Space Police arrest Jill Fates, an important Businesstron council member, for dealings with space criminals.
-194 BR- Cold War between the Space Police and Blacktron.
-193 BR- Intergalactic War begins, started by corrupt Space Police operative who buys a black market Waspex launcher. He is promptly arrested for owning an illegal weapon, he is turned in to the Space Police. The Space Police turn a blind eye to the operative on account that he was 'spying for the greater good' and arrest all high ranking Businesstron members, accusing them of smuggling and selling illegal weaponry.  Fighting breaks out. Blacktron defends its Businesstron component, and war is declared. Space Police fail to take Bejerik, but manage to capture several other planets in the surrounding solar systems.
-192 BR- Blacktron hires Unitron mercenaries and bribes Spyrius to double cross the Space Police(for who they were working up to this point. A Spyrius operative single-handedly blows up the Space Police embassy on the neighboring planet of Denf. A coordinated attack completely drives out all traces of the Space Police on Bejerik, more war breaks out. B-209 blows up. Blacktron forces lose the city of Marhawk on Denf when Space Police respond to the attack.
-191 BR- Mawhawk is taken back, war is ended, with the Space Police retreating from the area.
-140 BR- Businesstron, now the business advisor group, and holding little power among the largely military group of Blacktron, cuts spending to weapons. They are promptly arrested and frozen in stasis.
-111 BR- Bytetron discoveres that Bejerik is sentient.
-90 BR- Blacktron controls 18 solar systems. They upgrade their soldiers’ technology.
-82 BR- The power of Genstarium, nicknamed Green Tech, is realized and implemented.
-43 BR- Project Dreadstorm’s creator, Fredrick Lekan, is born.
-9 BR- Project Dreadstorm collapses the sun in SS-3, is promptly stasised, and considered too dangerous to use for any reason. Revolt on Sygrius-6.
-8 BR- Communications are finally established with Bejerik, but the focus is on the war effort.
-7 BR- With Project Dreadstorm again grabbing the attention of the surrounding galaxies, the Space Police state that they must protect the surrounding solar systems. An enormous galaxy wide war erupts, with the CSF and other forces joining the fray. Blacktron, realizing that it is outnumbered against the Space Police and their many allies, relocates all statised Projects, and stages what has become known among the underworld as the greatest disappearing act of all time. Blowing up Bejerik in such a way that it appears that they have perished. Space Police announces that war has been won, displaying themselves as the victors.
0 AR - All hidden Blacktron personnel are summoned to Octageria.
5 AR - The oligarchy of Blacktron meets to discuss the Rebirth of the Blacktron Empire. They spread the rumor to sympathizers, and allied planets start mass-production.
35 AR - The Blacktron Empire is back up to their former size.
47 AR - Blacktron joins the fight against the Cor Redor, aiding former enemy Johnnyred of the Space Police in order to achieve their goals.
- Present Day: [See I.1]


The Blacktron Empire has been in hiding for the last 47 years, residing on planet Octageria. Whenever a fleet is required to venture out of the immediate area, the Shift-Panels are calibrated to DefaultMode2, , the Octagerian colors to keep up the masquerade.

We have successfully escaped notice by Starfleet and the Space Police. Currently, our military leaders, Council Member Alex Jackson and Council Member Raidiax Fox, have been working on a plan to return the Blacktron Empire to its former glory, under Plan BEA-00012, or, Operation Rebirth. After disappearing so successfully, we are slowly preparing for the day when the universe knows that Blacktron has returned.

Stage 1 of Op. Rebirth was entirely successful, with our empire now at its former size.

However, tension is mounting as Stage 2 of Op.Rebirth begins. We are forced to side with one of the best soldiers of the Space Police, Captain Johnnyred in order to achieve our goals against the Cor Redor.

Stage 3 of Op. Rebirth will consist of the <<</MESSAGE IL-R/NO ACCESS/>>> and, in the chaos that follows, the entire galaxy will be Blacktron's for the taking.


The history of the natives of Bejerik is an extremely confusing subject, as Bejerik, and the sentience of said planet are no longer in existence. We do know, from previous conversations with Bejerik, that the inhabitants were "grown from ignak't" and reproduced using spore-like constructions which would create 'plants' which in turn would become the 'people'. They did not require feeding as we know it, rather, when they preformed their duties, they would be rewarded in some way unknown to us, but probably internal. This 'reward' may have been an emotional high, or some other such experience. Communicating with Bejerik was apparently not very exact, he would often give you images or feelings which could not be put into words, but that is explained elsewhere.

We know from old pictures which the settlers took, or data-logs, that the inhabitants looked 'leafy' and had long, thin legs. They were vaguely humanoid when standing, but to move at high speeds they would lope like Earthian moose. Bejerik was very vague about how they looked other than giving a 'plant-ish' image. Apparently it was not concerned with visuals.


Our rankings of 'Ages' as applied to most civilizations do not work very well with the inhabitants of Bejerik, as they really had no use for tools unless Bejerik itself told them to make tools. It has been observed by settlers that they did indeed use rocks for different uses, and, in one account, as a axe.

Titar.  The legendary buoyant rock. Not just buoyant in the water, however, but buoyant in the air. What defines Titar's buoyancy mainly depended on how 'agitated' it was. Its agitation mostly depended on the 'controller's' emotions at that moment. Controllers would 'bond' with a rock by placing their hand against it for long periods of time and thinking different emotions, it would take a while for a piece of Titar to recognize a controller. When it did, the rock would slowly respond to commands. A lot of Titar was 'bonded' to Bejerik himself, who's emotions either created spectacular islands or sunken pits. The inhabitants of Bejerik often relied on Titar for environment manipulation. Also, this rock allowed them to create airships and floating islands, though the larger the rock, the more powerful the controller bond had to be.


Again the 'Ages' system does not work very well. It is known that the inhabitants used Bronze in weapons to hunt animals, and in many of their structures and airships, but to what extent is unknown.


Again, the 'Ages' system is mostly useless, but Iron was observed in a few of their airships, and a few structures. The fact that iron was not very present hints that the inhabitants were just entering the Iron Age.
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