Phoenix Command Group
Welcome to the headquarters of theVeil Universe, a unique blend of role-playing and world-building. Join in, pick a side, and engage in one of the most unique fictional universes in existence! Now is a time of creation, exploration, and battle. Come join in the formation of entirely new aliens, factions, and technology!

For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

Oh, and before to go― please, grab a sidearm. It gets a bit crazy around here...

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Phoenix Command Universe Operations Guide

on Fri May 24, 2013 5:19 pm
This is the current universal operations guide as it stands, for all you n00bs and veterans. Any new members are automatically a part of the PCG.

Section I: Introduction to the Phoenix Command Group

If you are reading this, then you are probably a new recruit or are highly interested in joining the Phoenix Command Group. The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to the Phoenix Command Universe, its purpose, how it operates, its history, enemies, etc. This book though seemingly complicated is broken down into small, easy to read chapters and sections.

The Phoenix Command Group was founded in 2009 (AD 2601 in the official timeline) by Starfleet Captain Ianrobert732 and former Captains Legotrain587 and Johnnyred. It was originally intended just to be the three of them and their personal ships acting as a mercenary force. However, they soon realized that their endeavour would be impossible to undertake on their own, so they invited other Starfleet and former Starfleet Captains, Flipz, SloopofWar, SirSquid, and Jared50000. With them, they brought not only their personal ships, but also talent and resources.

The Phoenix Command Group was founded on the principles of truth, justice, loyalty, teamwork, and friendship, and it has proved that all of those principles are right. It has grown from a small task force to a massive fleet with a multitude of members. After a period of time, they allied themselves with most if not all of the organizations in the LEGO Universe. Other groups also came about. Some were empires, some were corporations, some were mercenaries, but all fought for the same ideals.

Today, they still fight together for honor, valor, and cookies!

Section II: What is the Phoenix Command Universe?

The Phoenix Command Universe started as a of friends from, and a few pulled in by those original friends. The group was founded as the Phoenix Command Group on the Lego Universe Creation Lab to build Star-Trek themed starships. This branched into making their own designs, and eventually other people joined who made completely unorthodox designs. Elements of Star-Wars, Warhammer40K, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Halo eventually found their way in. The founders of the PCG eventually began writing stories using the ships, and creating characters to go along with them. Backgrounds and plot lines following ships and events came to be, as did new groups. One of these groups was the Delver Group and it's nemesis, the NPC Spectre Borg, both of which where created by Star-Hunter. S-H introduced the element of semi-role play stories, in which a story was written with imput/actions from other characters involved. This led to battles amongst some groups, and a whole hierarchy of command and fleet organization which patrolled the galaxy for threats and devoted ships to the cause of defeating them. The universe itself is a modified ST universe, along with a modified ST map, set about 200 years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you're still confused by now, just build some ships and hang around, and you'll get a feel for it eventually. Wink

Section III: Rules Regarding Ships

1. Please try to build all of your starships in the scale that is known as "Perfect Grade" This is simply 1 stud = 10 meters. If a ship is say somewhere between 10 and 14 meters, then the size is only 1 stud, but if it is larger, say 15-19 meters, then you round it up to 20 and it become 2 studs. Please try to build your fighters, tanks, shuttles, and the such like in mini-figure scale, in which case a standard 1x1 brick is 1 foot high (to measure length and width, take a stack of these bricks and lay them sideways along your creation).

2. The standard registration initials for all ships is “PCG”.

3. Please remember to use realism while building. While heavily armed and armoured is awesome, every ships still has a weakness, no ship is entirely indestructible. Please don’t over power your ship as well. It’s not cool to have a ship that can destroy “9001 plan3tz with 1 sh0t!!!11!! L0LZERZ!” Also, while everyone loves big ships like the Bismark, the Enterprise (modern day carrier), and the Yamato, those where only single ships out of a country's entire navy, and its the same for the universe of the future. Please try to make realistic less-powerful ships, such as frigates, cruisers, destroyers, PT boats, battleships that aren't the creme de la creme, etc.

4. Certain technology is restricted to certain people or organizations, and you must receive their permission before using it.

5. The maximum Warp Speed without WMT is Warp 9.9

6. Do not steal other people’s ideas. If you are going to use a ship, design, or certain building technique, make sure to give credit to the person that created it.

Section IV: Rules Regarding Stories

1. Do not kill off any characters but your own. (Without permission)
2. Do not destroy any ships but your own. (Without permission)
3. Do not promote a character of your own.
4. Major events (certain things such as half the PCG being destroyed or a quarter of it's terriotry being destroyed or other major events) must receive clearance from the PCG. But don't let that discourage you, go ahead and plan it and then get permission!)


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