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Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber Empty Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber

on Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:46 am
Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber F2fe77c8-2675-4b4f-b116-f2562c332519?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=504
Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber 94ecaa97-b367-47c3-9f1f-45c71936b856?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=504
Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber Ba2d979a-b7b1-49ca-9aad-bb2394c5df24?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=504
Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber 8c0e8bd8-46a6-4cbc-b35a-0c92c68cc1d2?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=504
You can download the LXF file from this page: Here

The Star Ranger is a class of sublight Torpedo Bombers in service with Star Force and the United Federation of Planets.

Equipped with two phaser-pods on the ventral wing surfaces and two torpedo launchers on the nose, the Star Ranger is well-armed for a fighter of its size.  The Torpedo Bomber designation comes directly from its torpedo launchers.  Hidden away inside that very long nose are a lot of micro photon torpedoes.  This allows for the Star Ranger to supply two steady streams of photon torpedoes against any target that requires a steady stream of photon torpedoes to obliterate, such as ground targets which would otherwise have to be bombed.

The unmentioned Fighter in Torpedo Bomber is not to be underestimated either.  While its Torpedo targeting system is tuned for ground attack, the Star Ranger's phaser-pods are capable of taking down an enemy fighter with a few skillfully aimed direct hits.  More importantly, the Star Ranger is very maneuverable.  Powered by two miniscule sublight thrusters, the Star Ranger definitely isn't the fastest, so its pilots are trained to lure opponents into a turning fight, which is where the Star Ranger excels.

Despite being limited to sublight combat, the Star Ranger is strangely equipped with a navigational deflector dish, which is normally used on for deflecting space dust and microscopic particles that could impact with the vessel at warp speeds.  Well, this is still a useful feature, even at sublight velocities, especially high velocities. :PHere on the Star Ranger, they are used in conjunction with those two green thingies at the wingtips, which are sensor pods.  Basically they serve as long range radar.

The Star Ranger is equipped with improved shielding over other fighters, as well as ablative armor.

Finally, as its namesake suggests, the Star Ranger has a ridiculously long range, as in, it can stay flying around for a very long period of time.  This is because of its aforementioned miniscule thrusters, which use a miniscule amount of energy.

Truly lastly, the Star Ranger is also the first Star Force Fighter to carry away from the tradition shared by every other Star Force Fighter: The use of landing gear.  The Star Ranger is the first Star Force fighter to completely utilize anti-gravity pods, instead of wheels.

(The real reason is that I wasn't sure where to put them, or how to equip them onto the Star Ranger's frame.  I also wasn't sure where to put more conventional engines, so I modified the rear for the miniscule ones instead. Razz)

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Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber Empty Re: Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber

on Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:00 pm
NIIIIIIICE!!!! I don't have time to do this awesome, sleek fighter justice; so I will comment further later.

Star Ranger Class Torpedo Bomber York_j11


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