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Intruder Class Heavy Bomber Empty Intruder Class Heavy Bomber

on Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:04 pm
In response to the challenge of building a true bomber, HPC Industries has put out Star Force's largest bomber yet, in terms of payload.  I'll get to those in awhile.  Till then, let's discuss the bomber itself.

Intruder Class Heavy Bomber 6694b832-ea6d-4eb6-a763-852c04f6b34a?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=581
Intruder Class Heavy Bomber 36995d0c-ca80-4c33-b7b1-863eb1bcce86?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=581
Intruder Class Heavy Bomber 94cc2eeb-9077-45cf-877a-7282237c0bf5?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=581
Intruder Class Heavy Bomber E6305b6f-514a-4dc9-a61c-0a5b747f815e?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=581
An LXF file can be downloaded from here. (if the page is approved)

Taking inspiration from ye classic flying wings of olde is the Intruder Class.  Built for power in every way imaginable, the Intruder kind of does that.  It is fast, it has a long range, it has plenty of armor as well as the latest Star Force shrink-wrap shielding, and its weapons, which I'll only begin to speak of now, are also quite powerful.

First off there are two very noticeable torpedo pods mounted dorsally near the wingtips.  Each pod is armed with thirty micro photon torpedoes.  On the ventral wing are two swivel-mounted dual phaser cannons.  These wing-weapons are connected to the primary targeting computer, and are tuned for attack on stationary or very slow moving targets, such as a land base or a starship.  Or a Black Mamba.

Wing-weapons aside, here's where the "Heavy Bomber" in the title of this thread comes from.  The Intruder is the first Star Force aerospace craft to really make use of a bomb bay.  Between the engines and the cockpit are twelve slots for holding bombs.  With the bomb bay open and the bombs let loose, a fireworks display on the surface of any unlucky target that happens to be below the Intruder is assured.

By the time it's finished, who knows if there will even be a target anymore.

The next interesting thing about the bomb bay is that it can replicate more bombs after it unleashes its full payload, so the Intruder can continue making attack run after attack run, assuming it's not shot down.  As can be expected, this takes a lot of power, so the bomb bay's replicator's power is taken directly from the engines.  Full replication of the bomb bay's entire stock takes five minutes at the maximum amount of power available to the replicator - half of the maximum power output of the engines.  During these five minutes, the Intruder's functions are pretty limited, and bombers will have to rely heavily on escort fighters to keep them up and running, literally.

The Intruder is warp capable and can achieve a maximum warp factor of Warp 7.3. Very Happy
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