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Garand class frigate

on Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:24 am
OK, from now on, I'm gonna upload a new ship about once a week if I can, although we'll have to see how feasible that is. Razz


Past me wrote:If anyone knows where I got the name, tell me, and if you get it right 3 of these babys are yours.
  The Garand class escort is the backbone of Pheonix Fleet. This was contructed when FROST was till a threat, as an anti-starfighter starship. Sure, she doesn't have the heaviest firepower, or the latest bells and whistles, but she's got it where it counts: Numbers. It is her sher number of weapons, not their power, that gives the Garand it's superiority- as I said, it was meant to take on small ships. Well, that and her unusually powerful propulsion systems. However, it is not just in that sense that she has the numerical advantage, but in numbers of ships produced. Currently there are around 200- 183, to be exact- more than any other ship in Pheonix fleet, save the Upkeep class. So, if you're using my fleet in any sizable number, remember to include a Garand.
  The Garand also packs a new, but simple weapon: The anti-starfighter missile. This is a large missile fired out of a silo; once out, however, it breaks apart, and many smaller missiles come out, with just enough destructive power to destroy most fighters or bombers.
  Almost every aspect of this ship was specifically designed to take on smaller ships; her speed, her manuverability, her weapons, and her starfighters. but don't be mistaken; she is still deadly agaist large capital ships, espacally those with little manuverability.
  However, there is one more thing I'd like to mention on the Garand. All this, as you may imagine, takes up enormous amounts of power. So, Pheonix fleet scientists worked day and night, and finally came up with a solution that could literally power the St. George for weeks: they invented a machine that can create a mini star. Though small, this star creates massive amounts of energy via nuclear fusion, providing the garand with a clean, long-lasting power source. Now, what if the star explodes? Will a supernova occur? Nope. Without the machine that operates it, the star will simply dissapate.
  Seems pretty OP for a basic ship, but whatever (especially when you consider the stats- 85 phaser banks?! Really?!). Razz You can just ignore that; I’m just posting it because it was there. And yes, I’ll be doing this for every ship I post here that was on the lab.
  Now, the Garand class has a rather long service history with the PCG. It was first introduced as an anti-fighter escort during the relatively early years of the PCG's existence, protecting convoys against raiding fighter patrols. It wasn't a glorious job, but someone had to do it. However, when the Yor armada arose to threaten the PCG, it was realized that the PCG's primary fleet lacked an effective multi-role frigate that could be rapidly deployed to hotspots and other areas. In the end, it was decided to retool the existing fleet of Garands into the role, seeing as how the Boston class was scheduled to replace them anyway.
  The current Garand-class (or "Garand refit", more appropriately) still mainly relies as phasers as it's primary weaponry, packing only two fore torpedo tubes in terms of other firepower. However, this has the benefit of allowing the Garand to take on multiple roles, such as general-combat vessel, sloop, picket ship, scout, anti-fighter, escort-pretty much anything frigates are supposed to do. This flexibility has made them a favorite of border patrol fleets, flotilla commanders, and about everyone in-between. This general ubiquity has had the effect of making the Garand class fairly iconic, as few major task forces go anywhere without a few.
So yeah, the Garand is pretty much your standard basic frigate- a bit rough around the edges, but versatile and reliable. I like the general design; somewhat unoriginal overall, but that’s kinda the point Razz as far as generic saucer-engineering-nacelles go, it’s not bad IMHO. I like the way the saucer highlights came out; medium stone grey with dark red & blue highlights and bright yellow supporting that blends pretty well IMO. The engineering hull colors I’m not a huge fan of, but I guess they’re decent considering they’re literally an afterthought. The one other thing I want to address is the nacelles- how good do they look? Personally, I really don’t like the way they came out- suggestions?

Anyway, with that wrapped up, it’s stats time!

-Armaments: 28 phaser banks, twin torpedo tubes (fore)
-Shielding: Standard PCG frigate shielding, recharges from 0 to full in 3 minutes (can be overcharged to recharge faster during battle, like most ships, but this is a signifigant energy drain)
-Dimensions: 390 meters long; 171 meters wide; 94 meters high
-Armor: Average 1.8 inches, ablative; key areas can reach up to 3 inches
-Impulse: Two standard engines, max speed warp .6
-Warp: Dual Harvey-type nacelles; MCW: 6.3; MEW: 8.4, sustainable for 5 days
-Crew: 23 officers, 230 crewmembers, 30 marines (split into 3 platoons), 30 pilots
-Strike Craft: 4-5 Valkyrie shuttles, one full squadron
-Classification: PCF (formerly PCEV)
-Sensors: Standard, range of 600,000 kilometers; tachyon ray pulse
-Other: Relatively large med bay, rec rooms

Dropbox .lxf link:

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Re: Garand class frigate

on Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:28 pm
A great ship overall, but I agree with you about the nacelles. I usually build my nacelles on the sides using curved pieces, but I'm no expert. Personally, I don't find it OP, but for someone that makes everything OP Razz I shouldn't be talking. Very Happy I like the overall saucer shape.
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