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Timeline of the PXE

on Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:17 am
2553: First Interstellar War begins between the Planetary Alliance (PA) and Imperial Federation (which wants independence from the PA due to political reasons); first battle on 3rd cycle, solar rotation 39 at the Lyrian Shipyards

2555: capital of PA, Descaria City invaded and destroyed in two cycles time

2556: Pollux Fields, secret military complex of the PA, discovered and completely destroyed by IF fleets

2556: PA-Pirate Peace Treaty

2556: PA has its first major victory at Centauri VII

2557: Quadrants I & II fall to the IF

2559: Battle of Kalo, massive PA loss, significant casualties

2559: Quadrant IV falls to the IF

2560: Final PA offensive; PA and mercenaries attack the IF capital of Noki, but mercenaries flee the battle before the PA can seize victory, ending as the bloodiest battle in PA history (57 fleets completely annihilated)

2561: PA surrenders, and the First Interstellar War ends in an IF victory, most PA officials, officers, and soldiers captured and executed (most publicly using various methods) IF regime begins

2564: 9th cycle, solar rotation 50: PXE founded by PXR, a 16 year old rouge, genetically-enhanced pilot

2564: construction of civilian ships for the IF

2566: PXE earns huge amounts of money and begins investing in IF construction projects

2567: Private Weapons Pact passed by IF president/dictator

2567: PXE begins producing weaponized starships and constructing fighters and land-based units, violating the Private Weapons Pact

2567: "pirate attack" on 35 ship PXE convoy

2567: IF president allows PXE to maintain a small defense fleet to "protect civilian vessels"

2568: PXE's fleet expands almost five times as fast as before, with its Air Force and Army rapidly expanding as well

2569: IF president awards PXE with a small piece of uninhabited space

2569: Construction of what will become the PXE capital begins, called Raka Alos

2570 - 2584: PXE Military continues to expand at an increasing rate, with money flowing into PXE quickly thanks to investments, trade deals, and mass production of civilian ships; technology advances by huge leaps during this time

2584: Raka Alos semi-complete; population: 15 billion

2585: PXE civilian ships attacked near Raka Alos

2585: IF president grants permission to build a "defense network" in the city

2589: 912 fleets in PXE Navy, Air Force and Army with equally impressive numbers and technology

2590: PXE in almost complete control of IF economy

2590: Raka Alos Defense System complete, construction continues

2591: IF relies on PXE for funding, making PXE even richer

2597: Ey'ryl Conflict begins

2598: Ey'ryl Conflict ends, almost nonexistent casualties for PXE, Ey'ryl Pirates virtually eradicated

2599: Raka Alos mostly complete, population of fifteen trillion and increasing, construction projects continue to build new buildings and improve existing ones

2600: PXE Military becomes one of the strongest and most advanced forces in known space as it continues to expand

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