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PXE Database

on Tue Jul 15, 2014 1:26 am
Please note that this will not include any ships from the PA, PEF, and APEF. I will not add a database for those ships.

The database has now been edited to include the cost of each unit that is currently in service and length of all naval units.

PXE Navy


Alix'Ta Class Anti-Fighter Frigate [retired/replaced by the Virgo]

Pisces Class Corvette [in service]
22.1 mil SPXC
580 meters

Nirvo'Kor Class Corvette [in service]
17.9 mil SPXC
640 meters

Lyra Class Corvette [in service]
19.1 million SPXC
760 meters

Virgo Class Frigate [in service]
27.7 mil SPXC
780 meters

Centauri Class Destroyer [in service]
35.3 mil SPXC
740 meters

Inferno Class Cruiser [retired/replaced by the Centauri]

Dalo Class ShockER Frigate [in service]
48.2 mil SPXC
1070 meters

Pollux Class Cruiser [retired/replaced by the Pollux "B" Refit]

Pollux "B" Class Cruiser Refit [in service]
61.7 mil SPXC
1070 meters

Capricorn Class Heavy Cruiser [in service]
55.8 million SPXC
1350 meters

Taurus Class Battlecruiser [in service]
62.1 mil SPXC
1410 meters

Scorpio Class Battlecruiser [in service]
64.3 mil SPXC
1540 meters

Lola Class Battleship [in service]
78.1 mil SPXC
1450 meters

Kalla Class Battleship [in service]
83.8 mil SPXC
2180 meters

Satellite Platforms:

Betelgeuse Class Orbital Defense Platform [in service]
10.3 million SPXC
270 meters

Polaris Class Missile Platform [in service]
14.2 million SPXC
380 meters

Sol Class Orbital Defense Platform [in service]
21.6 million SPXC
380 meters

PXE Air Force

ASV-1 Fireclaw [in service, due to be replaced soon]
902,000 SPXC

ASV-2 Finch [in service]
878,000 SPXC

ASV-3 Shrike [in service]
1,010,000 SPXC

AAF-1 Phoenix [retired/replaced by AAF-1B Phoenix]
840,000 SPXC

AAF-1B Phoenix [in service]
956,000 SPXC

AAF-2 Swallow [retired/replaced by AAF-2B Swallow]

AAF-2B Swallow [retired/replaced by AAF-2C Swallow]
793,000 SPXC

AAF-2C Swallow [in service]
807,000 SPXC

AAF-4 Skylark [in service]
1,236,000 SPXC

PXE Army

GAV-1 Velociraptor [in service]
104,000 SPXC

GAV-2 Aucasaurus [in service]
115,000 SPXC

MI-1 Cobra [in service]
9,500 SPXC

MI-2 Anaconda [in service]
4,200 SPXC
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