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For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

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PCG Rockfish

on Mon May 27, 2013 9:18 pm
Tybalt Anderson had his desk covered in papers, detailing announcements, battlefield updates, new orders, ship problems, needs for extra protection, the newest safety requirements from the bureaucracies, and all sorts of other things. He normally was much more efficient and organized, but with the recent decline of the PCG, and it's subsequent re-emergence, along with the sudden flood of hostilities throughout the galaxy, he was a very busy and stressed man. He had skipped lunch...and dinner...and a couple of other things in order to work on getting his ship-yards and factories up to speed. But when he heard the roar of a ship's engines pounding on the space station as it passed close by his office (the vibrating space station is what created the noise), he looked up and smiled.

Passing right in front of his window was his newest ship, meant to deal with immediate demand for large numbers of ships to fight on the growing fronts. With it's compact, pod like shape it had a strong structural integrity, and a slim profile for warp. It's warp nacelles where embedded in the ship's hull, almost like a Wave Motion Engine. It had a small hanger to carry a defensive fighter fleet, and a few weapons bays protruded from the hull for a better coverage. It did not have weapons to cover it's entire body, the few that where on it where mostly for defensive purposes after it delivered it's main cargo. It's real defence however lay it it's thick armour, up to an entire 20 feet thick in some places. It also boasted agility and a high impulse speed for a ship of its size. But it's real speciality was in the 24 tubes that filled the majority of the ship's volume, and traversed it's entire length.

Each tube carried a deadly, high-powered, long range, and self-guiding missile. Each could easily put a decent hole in almost any ship. Each missile had it's own shielding system to deflect debris and defend against weapons fire, and even had a handful of anti-missile missiles for shooting down ordnance thrown against it, whether it be anti-missile missiles, bombs, rockets, or railgun slugs. It had a layer of armor to protect the entire missile, with extra armor in the nose. It also featured a device that would essentially cover the nose with plasma to melt through a ship's hull, which coupled with it's shaped body enabled it to penetrate deep into a ship before detonating. Carrying these missiles, the cheap, mass produced ships could be sent to the many fronts and effectively fight from a distance, while quickly eliminating enemy resistance. It had the potential to be one of the most effective ships he had ever designed. As the ship flew off to join it's convoy heading to the PCG staging grounds, Anderson turned his head back down to his work, and lost his smile. But his eyes still shown.

Yeah, this is just something I threw together to post, so I could have something new. Razz But I took some time to make sure it wasn't just a hunk of junk. The PCG Rockfish class continues Anderson's practice of naming small ships after fish. It is used for long-range combat against enemy ships. It was designed to be cheap to manufacture, so that PCG commanders could summon several at will to support whatever front necessary or respond to whatever emergency was at hand. They pack a solid punch in any fight but after their missiles are expended are relatively weak. While they have strong armor, and decent shielding for a ship of it's size (having a rather large shield generator), they lack fire-power to fight back.

However, the Rockfish is armed with four weapons stations, two phaser (directly underneath the bridge) and two torpedo (directly outside of the phaser stations). Each phaser station is equipped with six MK 13 phaser emitters. Two on top, two in front, and two on the bottom. Each torpedo station has two tubes, for firing a mix of torpedoes. Usually these ships carry 40 photon torpedoes and 8 quantum torpedoes. Underneath are also mounted two railgun cannons, and one plasma cannon on a turret, and elevated so as to have a better shot. In the rear of the ship are the four impulse engines, as well as the hanger (top) and the shield generator.

Production Classification: Mass Produced
Ship Classification: Missile Frigate
Speed: Warp 6.8
Impulse Speed: 0.6
Crew: ~40
Length: 133 meters
Width: 104 Meters
Height: 76 Meters

24x Arrow MK II Missiles
12x MK 13 Phaser Emitters (2x Phaser Bays)
4x Torpedo tubes (2x Torpedo Bays)
-40x Photon Torpedoes
-8x Quantum Torpedoes
2x Railguns
1x Plasma Cannon

2x Warp Nacelles
4x Impulse Engines

10x Feet Ablative Armor
10x Feet Durachronum Grade A Armor
1x Shield Generator, capable of 10% regeneration in 5 minutes.



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