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The First Interstellar War

on Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:15 pm
*Note: This is the period before PXE. It describes time before the war that led to the fall of the Planetary Alliance (PA) which was my LUCL/Lego Gallery Group, before PXE.

First Interstellar War

Pre-War Period (2550 - 2553)

The First Interstellar War was the name given to the massive, eight year conflict, following the political division of the Gu’Kade Party from the other two parties of the Planetary Alliance, the Kres Party, and the Junuyr Party. Many reasons were due to the Planetary Alliance’s harsh trade policies against the predominantly Gu’Kade city of Descaria II and the many ensuing events.

After a catastrophic attack in Descaria, resulting in over seven thousand civilian deaths, the Gu’Kade party launched huge riots across PA space, because they believed that either the Kres or Junuyr Party had been responsible for the attack, to undermine their political power. However, an investigation several days later confirmed that the attack was actually performed by a terrorist organization within Descaria itself. Further investigation also questioned the legitimacy of the attack, on whether the attack was random, or if it was prompted (through bribery, threats, etc) by the Gu’Kade party to undermine the other parties’ reputation. Nevertheless, the massive amount of riots caused heavy damage to PA infrastructure and resulted in the deaths of at least several thousand civilians and several hundred authorities and other security personnel. In retaliation, the PA imposed heavy trade boycotts and many taxes and tariffs, hoping to hurt the Descarian economy. In addition, those responsible for the attacks were charged and imprisoned, while others with more serious crimes were executed. These actions sparked public outrage in Gu’Kade territories, which resulted in several more independent riots.

In 2552, the Kres and Junuyr Party merged, producing the Unified Kres Party (UKP). The Gu’Kade saw this as a deliberate act to tip the political scale towards the UKP’s advantage. The prime minister of the PA at that time, Jovnum Qyir, a UKP member, ignored the Gu’Kade’s requests to perform an investigation. Therefore, the Gu’Kade produced a public petition to impeach Prime Minister Jovnum Qyir. This act was met by anger and hatred by the UKP and its supporters. The political tension began to boil, which fueled the fire for the Arsnum Massacre within PA space itself. During the massacre, Gu’Kade radicals boarded a Cygnus Class Destroyer using the PA Air Force’s own Warrior Class Gunships, killing most of the crew and taking the survivors hostage. The PA’s 38th Fleet responded, warping into the Arsnum System. However, the situation was complicated due to the PA hostages. The Gu’Kade radicals threatened to use the hijacked Cygnus’s weapons to fire on the city below, Arsnum VI. PA tacticians decided to soften the trade boycotts on Descaria, in addition to banishing all tariffs, in exchange for the hostages. But as the hostages were being handed over, several fighter squadrons, responding from the Chulo’Ivis Military Base, warped into the system, and immediately opened fire, as they did not receive the orders not to fire. With the PA now in chaos and the Gu’Kade outraged, they overloaded the warp core of the heavily damaged Cygnus, which exploded directly above Arsnum VI. Several PA ships were destroyed, with several others heavily damaged. The fragments of the Cygnus cascaded into the city below or the surrounding warships. That rotation, almost twelve thousand lives were lost, civilian and military.

The PA was furious, and, in an act of resentment and bitterness, launched several squadrons of heavy bombers, destroying all factories and shipyards in the Descarian sector. This action would later haunt the PA, as Descaria was the primary industrial sector, and was the largest producer of PA military vessels and fighter craft. But Descaria was in an even worse state, with their economy severely crippled and most of its manufacturing facilities destroyed. Civilians on both sides became resentful, and friends became enemies, siblings became foes. The political climate of the PA further deteriorated, and cities within PA space, once great and proud, turned into broken, run-down, and dirty slums. Murders, robberies, and other crimes became common, as the battle lines were being drawn by both sides. By late 2552, the PA was ripe for extinction.

In a final act of desperation, Prime Minister Jovnum Qyir split the UKP back into the Kres and Junuyr Party. However, Kres and Junuyr party members were angered by this decision. During the first cycle of 2553, the prime minister of the PA was assassinated. It is unknown whether the killer was a Gu’Kade party member, a Kres party member, or a Junuyr party member. All three parties appeared shocked and resolutely denied any accusations. The UKP officially dissolved, as all both the Kres and Junuyr parties were becoming increasingly unstable. The political fallout left the PA in a state of chaos and confusion. Its economic state plummeted, and billions of PA citizens lost their jobs. Its military was heavily weakened, due to an almost complete funding cut. Civilians began protesting in all sectors of the PA, resulting in riots, and ultimately, many deaths. The protests lasted for two cycles, until the PA launched aerial and ground attacks on the protestors, killing tens of thousands of rioters. With almost every city of the PA in complete disarray, the Gu’Kade seized their chance. Both Kres and Junuyr cities were dealing with the huge numbers of riots, protests, and crimes. But the Gu’Kade were well-organized. Thanks to the tumult in the other areas of PA space, the Gu’Kade were able to quietly construct a fleet of warships. Ultimately, this would lead to the beginning of the First Interstellar War.

Commenting is okay I guess.

Anyway, what do you think? I drew a lot of inspiration from the American Civil War as well as other topics (that I won't list due to sensitivity). Your thoughts?
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