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Dino and the crew of the York

on Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:41 pm
This topic is a work in progress.

Dino Soar
Affiliation: Phoenix Command Group
Rank: Captain
Species: Human
Gender: male
Age: 34 standard Earth years
Flagship: PCG Indomitable, Indomitable class

Personal ship: PCG York, heavily modified Sovereign class

Home planet: Earth
Height: 1.69 meters/5 feet 7 inches
Build: stocky, broad-shouldered, somewhat muscular torso and arms, muscular legs, short, neither fat nor thin.  
Face: rounded visage, button nose, small ears, close eyes, prominent brow. Short dark brown beard.
Hair: medium length, dark brown, curly
Eyes: brown
Skin: light
Religion: Christian (Born again, as he calls it)
Martial status: single, never married, never engaged, not seeing anyone

Personality: Dino is somewhere in-between being an introvert and an extrovert. He enjoys and needs the company of others, but he also needs fairly long periods of time on his own to rest and think. He is both a leader, opinionated and strong willed, and a follower, willing to step back and let others take charge. He is both emotional, and logical, typically making decisions with both his head and his heart. He has a good sense of humor, but can also be very serious. He is stubborn, and will argue with a Neutronium bulkhead if he disagrees with it. But he is also very much a diplomat, bringing reason to heated arguments. Dino is fairly intelligent and enjoys to think about and discuss deep matters. Dino does not trust easily, making few good friends; and seldom really opening up and revealing his innermost thoughts to anyone. He has a tendency to be both prideful and doubtful of his own abilities. He is thin-skinned with those he is closed with, but can readily ignore true insults from strangers or enemies. He enjoys to read, write, and play holo-programs, many of which of which are of his own writing. Dino's faith is very important to him. He is extremely loyal, refusing to abandon anyone once he considers them a friend, ally, or even acquaintance. He is honest, and fights for good for the sake of good. He genuinely cares about liberty, justice, truth, peace, and the people whose lives depend on the battles that the PCG fights. Dino is an animal lover and has owned many cats and dogs. Dino is laid-back, allowing all of his bridge crew to address him by his first name when they are off of the bridge.  

Background: Dino was born in the year 2,572, in a central North Carolina city, North America, Earth. His father, Derek Soar, (deceased) was a nurse whose family was in holo-business. Dino's mother, Lyn Chevrolet, (living) was an artist, whose family owned a successful dilithium mining company, Chevrolet Mining. (Not to be confused with the vehicle manufacturing company of pre-warp Earth.)
    Dino did well in school, getting A's in everything except math, in which he got B's. But despite his good grades, he did not feel fulfilled in school. Dino longed to make a difference, to help people, to do something that mattered. So at the age of 20, in the year 2,592, Dino joined Starfleet Academy.
    But only weeks before he could graduation the year 2,596, the Borg attacked Earth; forcing Starfleet to push every able-bodied crew member that they possibly could into active duty. Dino was assigned to the U.S.S. Colt, and as there were no senior officers available, the ship was manned entirely by a rookie crew; with Dino and several other cadets taking command.
    Although the entirety of what happened remains in a-need-to-know-only file, it is common knowledge that the Borg were defeated. And that Dino was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander immediately afterword without ever having graduated from the Academy.
    Dino was assigned as chief of security to the U.S.S. North Carolina, a Wyoming class heavy cruiser, shortly after he returned from fighting the Borg.
    The ship's first officer was killed in action in the year 2,598, and since Dino had command experience, he was promoted to the rank of Commander at the age of 26.
    In the latter half of the year 2,600, the U.S.S. North Carolina's Captain was promoted, leaving Dino as the logical successor. And at the age of 28, he become the Captain of the North Carolina.
    Late in the year 2,601 Dino decided to leave Starfleet for personal reasons. Most of his crew agreed to leave Starfleet with him. He left the North Carolina's worth in dilithium at an outlying starbase and plotted a course away from the Federation, taking his ship with him. He joined the newly formed Phoenix Command Group a month later, at the age of 29. He soon acquires and refits the aging Sovereign class U.S.S. York as his personal ship.  
    Later that year, Dino takes part in Operation Omega, in which the York is critically damaged and undergoes a year-long repair. Thanks to his ship designing and command skills, Dino is soon promoted to Ensign within the PCG. (In naval terms, roughly the leader of a flotilla.) Funded by Adventure-Comix and Chevrolet Mining, and fueled by the incredible destructive capability of the Specters, he is able to build such massive ships as the Saint George, the Potomac, and the Lightning-Bolt class supercruisers. He becomes close friends with Marcus Durham and Gandalf. By the end of Operation Omega, Dino is again promoted, this time to Second Lieutenant. (Roughly equivalent to leading a squadron in naval terms.) The York is finally repaired and refitted.
    Circa mid 2,602, Dino continues to build a wide variety of ships, from small repair and medical ships, to massive command ships, to mid-sized frigates, cruisers, and everything in-between. At the age of 30, he finds himself on the Subcouncil. (Approximately the naval equivalent of commanding a task force.)  
    By the end of 2,602, the P.C.G. has fallen into chaos not two years after its creation. As most of the original Council has retired, Dino is promoted to full PCG Council member, although without the knowledge of currently absent Captain Johnnyred. (Similar to commanding a fleet in navel terms.) The end of 2,602 nearly marks the end of the PCG because of betrayal and mistrust. The group eventually rebuilds, but in Dino's opinion, it's golden era had ended.
    Early in the year 2,603, at the age of 31, Dino takes a leave of absence from the PCG, to return in the middle of the same year. He continues to build ships. In late 2,603, Dino begins construction on his new flagship, the PCG Indomitable, and he is officially promoted to full Phoenix Command Group Council member.
    Dino continues to design starships and fight for what he believes in.



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