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Imperial Governmental Departments

on Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:03 pm
The Imperial government contains numerous departments to enforce legislation and perform the various bureaucratic tasks necessary for an interstellar government. These departments are listed below (this list is subject to expansion and alteration):

Imperial Department of Clandestine Operations and Intelligence (COI)
COI encompasses six divisions, each specializing in an aspect of intelligence gathering or counterintelligence/counterterrorism operations.
-COI-1: Foreign Intelligence and Operations Division
This division manages all external intelligence and clandestine operations, and maintains most COI foreign assets, including safe houses and clandestine embassy operations. COI-1 assets also serve to protect embassies and to protect dignitaries while travelling abroad, as well as accompany foreign dignitaries when travelling within Imperial territory.
-COI-2: Internal Corruption Suppression Division
This division is devoted to finding and exposing corruption throughout all echelons of the government.
-COI-3: Internal Operations and Investigation Division
This division is the federal police. COI-3 handles all felonies, as well as fugitives. COI-3 frequently works alongside planetary and local police forces.
-COI-4: Counterinsurgency, Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence Division
All information regarding counter-insurgency or counter-terrorism operations is funneled directly to COI-4. This division manages intelligence and operations against insurgency and terrorism groups and handles all internal insurgency suppression operations. This division also manages the bulk of COI counterintelligence operations.
-COI-5: Special Operations and Intelligence Division
Acts as a common resource for all COI divisions; units within this division answer directly to the Imperial Chancellor and utilization of resources from this division must be approved by Imperial Chancellor. Contains Black Storm Regiment and maintains its own network of intelligence-gathering methods and foreign assets and may draw resources from any DCOI, military, or DFR assets.
-COI-6: Electronic and Signals Intelligence Division
Encompasses all nonmilitary cyber, SigInt, and other non-HumInt operations and intelligence-gathering methods. Acts as a resource for COI and military assets in numerous capacities. Includes the Shadow covert satellite operation, as well as the Watchdog communications monitoring operation.

Imperial Department of Foreign Relations (DFR)
DFR manages all affairs pertaining to diplomacy, official foreign assets, and official visits, both foreign and domestic.
DFR-1: Embassy Services Division
This division manages and maintains all Imperial embassies and handles all matters pertaining to foreign embassies within the Imperium.
DFR-2: Diplomacy and Personnel Division
This division contains all official Imperial diplomats and other official personnel.

Imperial Department of the Militia
The Department of the Militia is dedicated to managing, coordinating, and regulating registered private and corporate militias within the Imperium. Entities under the DotM’s purview include civilian defense groups, private military companies, security firms, and all corporate defense and security forces. While civilian militias are not required to register with the DotM, those which do are granted status as an official, state-recognized Militia and various means of support, including access to military surplus hardware and limited access to COI and military intelligence. All PMCs and corporate armies are required by law to register with the Department of the Militia.

Imperial Department of Economic Affairs
The DEA is responsible for observing the Imperium’s economy on all levels and administering and enforcing such regulations as are decided upon by the Council of Lord-Generals. The DEA also monitors the galactic economy and makes the various necessary economic reports to the Council and other government entities.

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Re: Imperial Governmental Departments

on Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:52 pm
Nice work. Seems well thought out. Smile



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