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on Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:38 pm

The Fast Attack/Reconnaissance Vehicle is a small, high-speed, durable vehicle deployed in mass numbers by the Imperial Army and Imperial Marines. Equipped with a Rapid-Cycling AutoGun (able to be replaced with other weapons) and using its speed, the crew of two can quickly skirmish with the enemy forces, often mowing down or suppressing infantry movements, before pulling out again and preparing for another attack. One or two FARV-1s often accompany infantry platoons to provide fire support when they are not being used in armor battalions and mechanized squads.

Being rather hallow on the interior and constructed using the Titanium-Yakaium Grade B alloy, the vehicle is very easy to flip if it gets turned over. A single Marine, using his standard power armor, can easily do this by himself, but two normal infantry can carry out this task as well. However, the positioning of the wheels (not being underneath the vehicle, instead rather to the sides) makes flipping the vehicle more difficult in the first place. The wheels, like those of the LT-155s and HT-255s, are made with nano-fibers in a honeycomb shape (on the inside), as to make popping or otherwise destroying the tires virtually impossible.

1x Rapid-Cycling AutoGun (can be replaced with plasma guns or other such weapon systems)

4.2mm of Titanium-Yakaium Grade B Armor Plating

Top Speed:
140 MPH (on-road; maintains highest mph rating off-road of all wheeled and tracked Imperial land vehicles)

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Re: FARV-1

on Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:44 pm
Nice, I like it. I don't like the back so much...but I'm not sure what to do abou it. Razz I do really like the honeycomb tire idea though! It looks kind of heavy though, or just rather bulky.


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Re: FARV-1

on Sat Jun 08, 2013 7:21 pm
Ooooh! I like it! As AA said, the back needs something. I suggest roll-bars. Other than that... this is epic and looks fun to drive! Very Happy



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Re: FARV-1

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