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For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

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BC-157X Vesper Fighter Empty BC-157X Vesper Fighter

on Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:32 pm
Pictures 800x600:
BC-157X Vesper Fighter Dcad3d59-8668-4037-8e9f-c63699d5bc8a?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=510
BC-157X Vesper Fighter C14dc95b-9fcd-4efc-8455-ad5b23a94bd7?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=525
BC-157X Vesper Fighter C989cd76-486d-4e1a-b2d0-eb500f3989c9?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=525
BC-157X Vesper Fighter 27687f3e-9bc8-4f92-aff3-607a8fc4dee0?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=510
LDD File can be downloaded from this page (LEGO Gallery)

The BC-157X Vesper Fighter does everything the BC-145X Micro Fighter does much better.

It is a small, cheap, and well-armored midget plane with a powerful punch.  It is armed with two wing-mounted phaser emitters and two fuselage-mounted photon torpedo launchers.

Compared to the BC-145X Micro Fighter, the Vesper is overall more heavily armed and is much more armored, rigid, and durable. It also handles better and has a higher top speed and ceiling height, as well as better fuel economy and range.

With its photon torpedoes, rocketing speed, and midget plane agility, the 157-X Vesper can hit hard and hit fast, maneuvering easily in the face of new events and quickly shooting in and out of the battlefield.

Current operators:
United Federation of Planets

We will sell to the PCG.  Give us your pizza!
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Captain (PCG)
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BC-157X Vesper Fighter Empty Re: BC-157X Vesper Fighter

on Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:16 pm
Mmmmmmm, need to shake myself out of this can't-be-bothered-to-post-mood...

Very nice fighter, Talmid! It's perhaps.... smaller.... than I would have liked, but that's kinda the nature of these tiny fighters, isn't it? Razz I suppose that sums it all up very well- it's pretty good overall, I'm just not a huge fan of the "atmo-only tiny fighter" type stuff- though I have to say, it's a vast improvement over the other fighter pictured. Razz

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Meanwhile, on the chat....
Arik wrote:I'm ready to get back to worldbuilding now... Razz

Tetrahedron wrote:I'm not sure if we should interrupt Ant like this...
He might kill us with his cow bombs

Star-Hunter wrote:"He might kill us with his cow bombs."
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BC-157X Vesper Fighter Empty Re: BC-157X Vesper Fighter

on Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:14 pm
Looks like a great low altitude air-support craft, as in something of a cross between a STAAP and a typical ground attack craft, like one of the ugly alien speeder things from the avengers. ...yeah. Razz anyways, I like it! Deffinitly an improvement over the earlier one. Very cute looking.

BC-157X Vesper Fighter Alien_11

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BC-157X Vesper Fighter Empty Re: BC-157X Vesper Fighter

on Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:29 pm
It looks like a craft that'd be available for civilian purchase and use, not military. This is a good thing. We could use some more civilian ships in our factions! Smile
Captain (PCG)
Captain (PCG)
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BC-157X Vesper Fighter Empty Re: BC-157X Vesper Fighter

on Wed Feb 11, 2015 7:57 pm
To modify an Avengers quote: "This ship is so adorable; and tiny." 

I like it, well done.

BC-157X Vesper Fighter York_j11


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BC-157X Vesper Fighter Empty Re: BC-157X Vesper Fighter

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