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Zeerover Alpha Pirate Support Frigate

on Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:55 pm
So this is the first of the ships I’ll be posting for Arik’s RP (discounting the Clownfish freighter I made/posted a while ago)- and the first proper pirate ship on the site!

Main pic:

   For years, becoming a space pirate meant joining one of the countless pirate cartels and either getting lucky enough to be able to buy and equip your own ship, or simply wait for one of your superior’s to give you one (or, of course, just kill all the guys above you- though this strategy is widely frowned upon, for some odd reason). Regardless, this extended process meant that the number of pirate captains always exceeded the number of available ships for them- to the point where, some would argue, the amount of pirates raiding "civilized" space was more influenced by the number of combat-ready vessels than any anti-piracy campaign.
 In recent years, this trend has begun to decline- due, in large part, to the widespread use of  the Zeerover-class heavy frigate. The first class designed and manufactured by Bounty Engineering, a strictly-illegal ship construction conglomerate operating out of the fringes of known space, Zeerovers are widely available to anyone with the cash and contacts needed to buy one. They are cheap, easy to produce, and reasonably combat-effective for a non-military ship, and have thus gained widespread popularity among cartels and independent captains alike. Though the base model is somewhat lightly-armed, they can be easily refitted to serve pretty much any function the captain sees fit- be it carrier operations, interdiction, boarding, whatever.
   However, The Zeerover suffers from a major drawback: it has an extremely underpowered powerplant, heavily limiting both it’s maximum warp speed and the amount of equipment it can be fitted with. Because of this, independent pirate captains will often trade in their Zeerovers as soon as they have the capital to purchase a heavier vessel, and the larger cartels generally avoid using them except for light raiding and support.

Moar pics!:

   The Zeerover, formerly the Plunderaar, was… interesting.... from a design perspective. I ended up unintentionally trying a new SNOT design for the saucer, which resulted in both annoying spacing issues and no real good place to slap weapons on (or, for that matter, places to slap on thing to slap weapons on Razz). The saucer in general is too thick IMO, and I can say I’m a huge fan of the warp nacelles either. Razz I do, however, quite like the way the rear and sides of the secondary hull came out. Razz Overall, not my best ship by any means, but there are cetainly things about it I like. Razz

-Classification: N/A
-Role: Light raiding, piracy, various support roles
-Armaments: 11 phasers, 6 torpedo tubes, 13 disruptor arrays, 3 turbolaser batteries, 2 heavy turbolasers, 1 mass driver turret, 4 railguns, 2 phaser cannons, 2 EMP torpedo tubes
-Shielding: 17 emitters, placed around hull
-Armor: .85 inches ablative average; 1.1 around bridge areas
   -Length: 494 meters
   -Beam: 191 meters
   -Height: 87 meters
-Impulse: impulse rating 11; acceleration rating 8, maneuver rating 8;
-Warp: 2x Custom nacelles; MCW: 7.3; MEW: 9.1
-Sensory/Comms: Basic navigational sensors (cheap, easy to maintain), tunneling scanners (for scanning cargo holds)
-Crew: Varies
-Strike Craft: Supplied by private owner

Dropbox link:

Comments/criticism/questions/concerns are welcome, as always!

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