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For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

Oh, and before to go― please, grab a sidearm. It gets a bit crazy around here...

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PCG Battra

on Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:04 pm
PCG Battra

Well, it's finally here, the Battra! My very own Kaiju class destroyer from scarecrow535.
The Battra is a refitted Kaiju class destroyer with a new color scheme, more weapons, and a trans-warp drive, amongst other things. It is designed to provide heavy fire support for other ships, as well as to provide rapid arrival support for other, weaker, craft like med ships and transports. When not engaged in a battle with one of the PCG's seven main enemies, it stays on call to rescue any small and/or lightly armedcraft from any threat that attempts to intercept them. It also hunts out any stray craft from said seven main enemies that may be attempting to strike inside PCG territory. And it is more than well-equipped do handle such threats.(unless you be a Spectre)

The Battra also features two Ground Target Pulverization (GTP) cannons. These are basically super big proton (related to proton bombs and torpedoes) cannons made to take out large fortified targets on a planet/asteroid. while in orbit, the ship positions itself above said target with the help of a hand planted beacon or such, and then the cannons let loose pummelling said target to smithereens. These cannons are stationary and thus accurately placing beacon and ship are important when high in the atmosphere. In addition there are six GTP turrets. The turrets are not near as powerful as the cannons, but are far more accurate. They are meant more for targeting vehicles and objects like defence turrets or smaller, unarmored buildings.


-8x Heavy Plasma Cannons
-28x Type 13 Heavy Phaser Bays (2x emitters)
-12x Type 12 Phaser Arrays
-4x Quad-Barrelled Medium Phaser Cannon Turrets
-2x Quad-Barrelled Heavy Plasma Beam Turrets
-2x Dual-Barrelled Heavy AA turrets
-60x Torpedo Bays
-1x Double Barrelled Heavy Ion Cannon
-Numerous AA turrets
-2x GTP Cannons
-6x GTP Turrets (underside)

-2x KAIJU Class Shield Generators capable of regenerating 10% every 1 minute
-2x Delver Class Shield Generators capable of regenerating 20% every 1 minute
-1x Phased Plasma Shield
-2x In. of Ablative Armor
-1x Ft of Neutronium Armor

-3x Warp Nacelles
-2x Transwarp Conduits (located in the "holes" in the wings)
-max warp 11 for four days (transwarp)
-max warp 9.99 for three weeks (warp)
-warp 9.95 indefinitely (warp)
-warp 8 cruising speed (warp)
-max .9 for two weeks (impulse)
-.7 cruising speed (impulse)

-1x large hanger
-10x Day Break class Fighters
-70x Archangel class Fighters
-20x VX-17 Perigine class Fighters
-30x G3-1 Peregin class Fighters
-Numerous Ground Vehicles and Shuttles
-1x Tie Advanced (Darth Vader Not Included) Razz
-3x Tractor Beams
-1x Stealth System (not cloaked, but invisible to many/most other
sensors, especially long-range, however, if it passes in front of your
nose, you'll know it)
-Extra powerful and long range communications arrays.

Construction Class: OAK (One of a Kind)
Length: ~610-630 meters
Width: ~290-310 meters
Height: ~140-200 meters

(above) Firing the Type 13 Heavy Phaser Bays

Firing the dual heavy ion blaster, hanger entrance is visible (blue trench).

The underside, GTP turrets and cannons are visible.

Fulfilling my promise to scarecrow for giving me an awesome gift
(I said I'ld do it in the reply comment to his comment giving me one)

LDD file:


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Re: PCG Battra

on Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:06 pm
Hiya, Ant

I'm back from my week or so of absence Razz Glad to see you've posted the Battra! I loved it when it came out, and I love it now. Wink

Great GIMP effects, too, I might add.


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