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For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

Oh, and before to go― please, grab a sidearm. It gets a bit crazy around here...

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PCG Saugeye

on Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:18 pm
PCG Saugeye

The Saugeye is inspired by Scarecrow's awesome Seraphim and his deadly Saint class starships. Saugeyes are cheap and easy to manufacture, but very effective and potent in their jobs. They mainly stay patrolling borders or important areas while the bigger cruisers andsuper cruisers go play where the action is. But Saugeyes, in a group ofthree or so, can be just as deadly or more so than a good medium sized ship. Their superb speed and agility allow them to easily dodge shots that large and slower ships would just have to take. But their shields and armor are by no means fragile should they get hit. But the weapons is were these things really pack their punch. Two long-range Plasma Bea, cannons enable long-distance ship-to-ship combat (though, being fixed, they cannot snipe smaller things on the ship). It's Phaser Cannons are especially deadly during strafing runs on larger ships, pouring fire into the ship in a brief span of time before the Saugeye is gone again. Four heavy phaser banks allow for firing at targets that are not straight ahead, and are usually used for continuing an attack while the Saugeye flees and turns to come back in for another pass. To top it all off, four torpedo bays pack an extra punch against enemy ships, while two rear-facing torpedo bays provide a measure of cover during a hasty exit. But the most powerful weapon equipped to the Saugeye class is the Wave Motion Engine/Gun. This allows for highspeeds for a ship it's size and for tremendous firepower, which makes them especially potent against enemy ships of much larger caliber. However, only a special few are made with the Wave Motion Technology, and for others they use the ACRONYM cannon, which is powerful in it's on right.

Class: Destroyer
Construction Class: Special
Length: 151 Meters
Width: 132 Meters
Height: ~ 40-55 Meters

4x Type 12x Heavy Phaser Banks (1x emitter)
4x Dual-Barrelled Type 13x Phaser Canons
2x Long-Range Plasma Beam Cannons
6x Torpedo Bays (4x fore facing, 2x aft facing)
1x Wave Motion Gun

2x Shield Generators capable of 10% regeneration in 10 minutes, or 20 minutes with 1 generator
1x Phase-Plasma Shield
3x in Durachronum Armor
3x in Ablative Armor

1x Wave Motion Engine
2x impulse engines

Wave Motion Engine:
Max Warp Speed Emergency: Warp 9.0 (24 hours)
Max Warp Speed Indefinitely: Warp 7.2
Cruising Warp Speed: Warp 5.7
Max Impulse Speed: 0.8
Cruising Impulse Speed: 0.7

No Wave Motion Engine:
Max Warp Speed Emergency: Warp 7.0 (24 hours)
Max Warp Speed Indefinitely: Warp 5.2
Cruising Warp Speed: Warp 4.7
Max Impulse Speed: 0.8
Cruising Impulse Speed: 0.7

This ship is available upon
request: Max 10 total.

You can buy more ships though, using various things for payment
(ships, tech, free time on a rec deck, exclusive use of your checking account,
etc.). However, if you have not been cleared for Wave Motion Tech, the
Wave Motion Gun will be replaced with a ACRONYM cannon, which, while
much less powerful, still packs quite a punch.

(above) On patrol, blasting
a stray pirate.

On patrol again, rear view.

Pic 3: And again, top
view, blasting a slightly larger stray pirate.

Pic 4: And it finally
stumbles across something worthwhile, a Yeneme cruiser.


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Re: PCG Saugeye

on Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:08 pm
Now dat is mah kind a ship! Wink

Love the frigate design, Ant! I see you are posting some of your LU creations here. Bravo, ole bean! Razz

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