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Assault Fireteam

on Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:27 pm
So I've been reorganizing my PPT military structure and re-creating a few different MOS's (which I'll probably rename Military Duty Specialties so it sounds a tad less like it was ripped straight from the Army. Razz ) The first of these new MOSs/MDSs and the reorganization is the new four-man fireteam, called an Assault Fireteam. I took into account comments and critizisms from my previous Five-man Fireteam (now rendered obsolete) when creating these guys, mostly dino's comments on weapons and ammo. Razz No, none of these are gimped, my laptop is refusing to run it now so you'll just have to settle for boring ldd screenshots. Razz

The Assault fire-team is the most basic element of the PPT ground forces. Each man is trained in a different weapon, since it's likely that you'll be facing a variety of situations, and carries that weapon in addition to the newly issued highly compact assault rifle. The new assault rifle replaces the D-6 Shriek and it's variants. It fires the same caliber, but is bull-pup, smaller, and easier to handle and store. A pistol and combat knife are also standard, as are atleast three smoke grenades and two frag grenades per soldier.

Gunner: The first soldier carriers a light machine gun for providing support for his fellow teammates. He has the most firepower out of any in the group and as such is usually on lead. During movement under fire he is also usually the last to move, providing cover fire for his buddies as they move forward.

Rocketier: The second soldier carries a simplistic anti-armor railgun. It's basically a bazooka/AT4 but saves weight and space on the ammo by utilizing railgun technology as opposed to miniature impulse engines or chemical propellants. The slugs can be HE, HEAP (High Explosive Armor Penetrating), or Anti-Personnel rounds, mostly they are HE rounds. This weapon is effective when fighting entrenched enemies / enemies in good defensive positions, or when coming across armored vehicles or hardpoints. He is called a "rocketier" from the days when his weapon would have been a rocket-propelled projectile. The weapon systems have advanced beyond that but the name has not.

Marksman: The third soldier is the designated marksman, carrying a DMR for longer, more accurate shots, but still with his assault rifle for engagements needing a more maneuverable weapon with a higher rate of fire.

"Remy" Radio, Explosives, and Mechanical Expert (REME): The fourth soldier is your "everything else" guy. He carries a plasma cutter/welder for making quick escapes through walls, floors, out of vehicles, or whatever, or for improvising defenses. (Just quickly weld that scrap of metal onto that light pole, now sit behind it and shoot). He also carries det-packs, a couple of mines, extra grenades, a slightly more powerful radio, and a few extra medical supplies. He also is the go to guy for hacking/electronical/computer type things while the others employ their weapon systems, and carries a small computer system. The room used in his pack by these items are taken up with the extra ammo in the other soldier's packs. He basically does anything needed by the rest of the team cause they're too busy with their jobs.

Any soldier assigned to an Assault team undergoes training for all weapon systems/positions.


The rest will be coming probably tomorrow. Being the medic fireteam, the scout fireteam, the heavy gunner fireteam, the mortar fireteam, and the sniper fireteam. Theres more after those but I haven't made all the guys yet.


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