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Scout Fireteam

on Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:19 pm
The scout fireteam's primary purpose is to sneak ahead of whichever unit their assigned to and provide intel for their commander. This varies from finding a good route, finding a good place to stay the night, finding a good place to begin an assault, finding evac spots, finding targets, etcetera. They also can be used to disable targets or hold objectives while the main force is preoccupied or not yet there. So if you have artillery incoming, the platoon leader would send his assault squads forward to continue the mission, but might send the scout fireteam to find the artillery and destroy it. Or if on a long ruck to an objective, the scout fireteam might go ahead and make sure the objective, or a place to stage the assault of the objective, are clear of enemies, and remains so. Scout teams sometimes also carry remote observation devices including video cameras/microphone systems, thermal imagine systems, arial observation devices (used as an early warning system for airstrikes), fires locators (used to triangulate incoming fire, especially useful in locating artillery or snipers) or radio monitors. Since they are carrying extra equipment, all scout team members carry a sub-machinegun, more compact from the already small standard issue assault rifle.

From the Left:

The first soldier is the pathfinder. He is responsible for all that fancy stuff that keeps popping up in everyone's helmets. In an age of advanced computer aided warfare, it's important to have unit locations (friendly, neutral, and enemy), paths, strong points, terrain, buildings, statuses, etcetera all on your HUD. But anyone can hardly take time out from running for cover, shooting back, reload, med-aid a buddy and generally try to stay alive and make sure the enemy doesn't to be adding all this info. AI can aid but aren't as good as having a person do it. The pathfinder plots the paths that the scout team creates/finds, designates enemy locations or friendly units that they where not previously aware of, tracks assets in the air, updates the condition of the mission's objective, etcetera. His pack holds a rather sizable computer (for today's [the PCG's today's] systems) linked with his HUD which helps him gather, enter, and upload all of this information. Any soldier member of the scout team can do this, but their equipment is not purpose designed for it like the pathfinder's is. In addition to his pack and all of it's sensors, he also carries a small handheld computer system with it's own sensors and capabilities.

The second soldier is the RCO, Radio Communications Operator, a large chunk of his pack's space is taken up with his radio. Any fireteam's members has capable and powerful radios, scout team members have more powerful radios, but RCOs carry radios meant for rather lengthy ranges of communication under adverse conditions, the most powerful of man portable radios (without being so bulky as to make you clumsy or be a severe detriment to your combat effectiveness). Most of his work is actually hands/voice free. If any team member needs to communicate, rather than have them tell him what to say and then him saying it over his radio as the RCO, they can simply say it and his radio will automatically boost the signal out to wherever is needs to go, provided they are close enough to his radio of course. If they are to preoccupied then he will do the talking. But otherwise this leaves him open to focus on providing extra firepower for the team, and as such carries a light machinegun. The RCO on scout teams is also trained in breaking into and listening in on (and sometimes jamming) enemy communications.

The third soldier is the sniper. Considering the often long-range and isolated operations typical of scout teams, along with their target elimination in advanced missions, snipers for overwatch are a good idea. Furthermore the snipe assists the FO as the primary target locator, and excelling at stealth more so than the others, will creep forward if necessary to check things out. He carries the more powerful version of the two standard sniper rifles.

The fourth soldier is the forward observer (FO), His primary duty is to locate and designate targets, mostly for artillery, mortars, or air support to destroy in a grand spectacle of fire. He is equipped with a DMR for firefights, and also carries a laser designator/spotting scope and a pair of expensive, high-quality, variable zoom binoculars.



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