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Sniper Team

on Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:38 pm

Snipers operate in two-man teams, a sniper and a spotter. Both members of the team are trained in operating as either a sniper or a spotter. Two teams make a fireteam. The sniper teams within a fireteam operate closely with each other. One may cover the area from one angle while the other does so from a different angle, providing not only greater coverage of their assigned area but also mutual support and security. Snipers most common job is security and overwatch. The difference is security is protection of friendly units in a defensive posture (enemies try to come to the base, snipers shoot them). Overwatch is protection of friendly units in an offensive posture (friendly units are assaulting a position, snipers shoot the enemy before they can sneak-up on/get close enough to friendly units).

Additional tasks that snipers often execute include threat elimination and observation. Threat elimination is sneaking in and shooting important people (commanders, mortar teams, maybe knock-down the enemy reinforcement numbers a bit, harass re-supply and support units, etcetera). Observation is either when you want someone to sneak forward and tell you what's going on in front or you want someone to sit overlooking an area and see if anything ever happens. Sniper teams are trained to guide in fires support (mortars, artillery, air-support), which goes in handy with observation. If all the scout teams are busy, snipers can sit and watch a road and blow up anything that comes, or crawl forward and disable an enemy convoy both reducing possible reinforcements and providing a distraction for friendly units to move forward.

Sniper teams are equipped with submachineguns, due to their smaller size than the standard assault rifle. This makes crawling around in the brush or wherever much easier, especially since they're already carrying their sniper rifles and spotting equipment. There are three common sniper rifles used by sniper teams. The first is a semi-automatic rifle useful for most common engagements, where you have alot of people to shoot and not a long range (by sniper standards). (This is the one bon the left of the spotter) The second is a bolt-action rifle, much more powerful than the first. It's used for extended ranges where greater precision and a more powerful (thus farther reaching) round is needed. (This is the one to the left of the sniper.) The last is a very powerful anti-material rifle. This is what you use for shooting armored equipment on the outside of vehicles, busting an armored wheel/track, or shooting out an engine block. Or, if you need to shoot reeeaaaallly far and you really want to make sure whoever you're shooting is dead (or you're shooting a hardsuit or through a mech's viewport), then you might use this rifle as well. Other equipment included is a spotter scope, a pair of high quality variable zoom binos, and supplies for the team to last a while by themselves and remain stealthed. Sniper teams use better versions of personnel stealth measures incorporated into the armor/uniform systems of Atnlay soldiers, aiding them with their sneaky sneaky business. But to offset the added weight and room taken up by these upgrades their personnel shielding system is a lighter version, still providing protection again many forms of radiation and protecting somewhat against energy weapons, but not as good as standard personnel shielding systems. In addition their armor systems are also lighter, giving more maneuverability but less protection.



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