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PPT Army Structure

on Fri Mar 27, 2015 1:40 pm
So I've been revising my entire PPT military structure off and on since I first put up my military overview topic, this is the current new structure (still a work in progress) for the PPT's army, and is subject to change. For now I'll just be doing the company level and down.

A typical Company is broken down into five platoons: Two infantry platoons, one mechanized platoon, one support platoon, and one aerial platoon. Infantry platoons are used for your boots-on-the-ground hard work of warfare. They do everything from urban warfare to clearing bunkers to removing the enemy infantry to disposing of vehicles without using an equally large target of a vehicle to do it to scrubbing the commander's floor and raking the grass. Razz Mechanized platoons are your vehicles. Tanks, armored vehicles, light assault vehicles, they all go here. They are used for whenever you need bigger guns, heavier armor, and faster speeds than the infantry can provide. Support platoons include the command/control/communications/intelligence/logistical side of everything. In addition they also contain the artillery and anti-air assets.

Speaking of artillery, each infantry and mechanized squad is assigned an artillery team (typically two artillery guns). These artillery teams support each other but place their assigned squads in priority above others. So if squad one's is calling for a lot of artillery fire, squad one's, two's, three's, and four's artillery may all help to shoot the necessary rounds. But if squad three then calls in for artillery support, their artillery team would break off from shooting for squad one and shoot for squad three until no longer needed, then they would go back to shooting for squad one. This way each squad is guaranteed readily available artillery support, but without being restricted to just a small amount of it.

Aerial platoons are the air-support assets. These include bombers (fast, heavy payloads, less precision (like a B-52), fighters (for the obvious of shooting down enemy air assets like an F-16), ground attack craft for pin-point destroying of enemy ground forces, such as tanks in the way of the infantry (like an A-10), and gunships, for pretty much doing the same thing as ground-attack craft, but with more maneuverability (like apaches/little-birds/flying humvees).

Current breakdown:

Company: Consists of 5 Platoons (Infantry, Infantry, Mechanized, Support, Aerial)
Platoon: Consists of 5 Squads
Squad: Typically consists of 4 Fireteams, a squad leader, an RCO, and a medic.

1st Platoon (Infantry):
Command Element: Platoon Leader, RCO, FO, Pathfinder, Driver/Security
1st Squad: 4 Assault Fireteams
2nd Squad: 4 Assault Fireteams
3rd Squad: 4 Assault Fireteams
4th Squad: 4 Assault Fireteams
5th Squad: Special Weapons:
-1st Fireteam: Heavy Gunner Fireteam
-2nd Fireteam: Heavy Gunner Fireteam
-3rd Fireteam: Mortar Fireteam
-4th Fireteam: Demolitions Fireteam

2nd Platoon (Infantry):
Command Element: Platoon Leader, RCO, FO, Pathfinder, Driver/Security
1st Squad: 4 Sniper Fireteams
2nd Squad: 4 Engineer Fireteams
3rd Squad: 4 Mounted Scout Fireteams
4th Squad: 4 Mounted/Dismounted Scout Fireteams
5th Squad: 4 Medic Fireteams

NOTE: This platoon will more than likely be changed to mirror 1st platoon, I just have to figure out where to put all the assets currently comprising 2nd platoon.

3rd Platoon (Mechanized)
Command Element: Platoon Leader, RCO, FO, Pathfinder, Driver/Security
1st Squad: Tanks
2nd Squad: Tanks
3rd Squad: Medium Assault Vehicles
4th Squad: Light Assault Vehicles
5th Squad: Mechs

4th Platoon (Support)
Command Element: Platoon Leader, RCO, FO, Pathfinder, Driver/Security
1st Squad: Artillery
2nd Squad: Artillery
3rd Squad: Anti-Air
4th Squad: Anti-Air
5th Squad: Company Command

NOTE: 5th squad may be made separate from the squads, just as command elements of platoons are and as squad leaders are separate from fireteams.)

5th Platoon (Aeiral)
Command Element: Platoon Leader, RCO, Pathfinder, Airborne Pathfinder, Driver/Security
1st Squad: Fighters
2nd Squad: Bombers
3rd Squad: Ground Attack
4th Squad: Ground Attack
5th Squad: Gunships


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