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Darksun Security Corporation

on Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:15 am
Darksun Security Corporation
    The Darksun Security Corporation is a privately owned PMC which specializes in facility security, supply missions and small-scale military operations. It also includes an extensive training branch, where it trains all of its contractors, which offers training services to government or civilian individuals in various combat fields.
Darksun is headquartered on a largely wild continent on Velonna, where it maintains is primary training facility and vehicle garages, as well as a spaceport and an extensive communications facility with which to communicate to its bases and units abroad. The company also owns a number of other staging bases, storage units, and training grounds throughout Imperium space.

    The company has a highly trained special operations group numbering about 7,000 at any time, plus support personnel and a large fleet of vehicles and both space and atmospheric fighters. In addition, Darksun owns nine large starships: three Wasp class cruisers and two Javelin class carriers purchased off of the Imperial Navy, three Intimidator class corporate enforcers as part of a deal with the ICC, and its corporate flagship, a Cogent class destroyer, which never quite made it into an Imperial impound after being controversially captured from a breakaway Imperial province by Darksun contractors.

    Darksun saw some of its best business during the Velonnian Civil War, where it partially integrated with the MMF, and later throughout the Republican Rebellion,  where it was used by the Imperial military to carry out low-key operations against rebel targets when using official military assets was politically or otherwise difficult. Darksun also briefly sided with the ICC during its rebellion following the Velonnian Civil War, but backed out as soon as its contract was up when it became clear that the ICC was losing. Since then it has grown closer to the Charter, providing extensive security services for it and drawing from its resources to expand its capabilities.

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