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Imperial Ordnance Production System I9

on Wed Jun 03, 2015 7:54 pm
   One of an original total of forty different massive factory complexes built by the Velonnian Imperium for the purpose of producing the military's main supply of mass-produced components for naval warships and surface-based combat vehicles, as well as assisting small-arms design corporations by augmenting their production capabilities via outsourcing, Imperial Ordnance I9 was commissioned and built on New Winterfeld twenty-five years before the Velonnian Civil War.

   Imperial Ordnance I9 was relatively insignificant for most of its existence, being one of the more minor Imperial Ordnance facility systems and with a relatively low productivity rate. This all changed when, fifteen years after its creation, the Imperium initiated the Military Industry Privatization Act, which allowed for various low-output military-owned factories to be purchased by private citizens, albeit under a contract that they continue to supply the Imperium with their military products.

   I9 remained unpurchased for the next three years, until finally an enterprising individual by the name of Edward Lorewick, a well-known inventor and businessman, bought the factory and immediately went into action to try and improve it. His first action was to sell openly to the public and not just the government, especially to the Imperium's colony worlds who were in need of firearms and other weaponry on their mostly-unsettled planets. Next he partnered with the company MechTech--a major producer of Mechs and light military vehicles who had recently left ICC, become a private corporation, and was looking for business partners--and also hired a slew of designers, looking to expand I9's selection of products beyond just weaponry and into the general military vehicle market. Soon they were selling a wide array of infantry and vehicle weapons, Mechanized walkers and hardsuits, Grav tanks, and aerial gunships.
   Later, as business picked up, he expanded I9's facilities, built a second planet on his homeworld (itself a relatively recent colony world, making it a strategic location for selling to non-military customers), and invested in a large shipping fleet. In a matter of years after its private purchase, Imperial Ordnance I9 was one of the most successful producers of military weaponry and surface vehicles in the Imperium.

   When the Velonnian Civil War began, Edward Lorewick was careful to remain neutral in the conflict. To make it a low priority target, he reduced the production output of the main facility on Winterfeld (which was smack in the middle of the Imperium's Core Territories where most of the fighting was), and boosted his secondary facility's output. He also formed a small corporate militia for the defense of the factories, as well as hiring escorts for his shipping fleet.
   Though the war hurt his business at first, things soon took a turn for the better. The warlords, who initially had relied on whatever military equipment and vehicles they had had under their military command before the war, were now in need of weaponry and combat vehicles as the war depleted what they had. And as one of the most prominent neutral military companies, Imperial Ordnance I9 found itself with a very large market.
   Sales boomed until the end of the Civil War. I9 faced minor penalization for selling to all sides like it did, but Lorewick put his inventive ingenuity and legal skills to use and managed to keep his company out of any serious trouble.

   Since then, I9 has only improved. Lorewick would later purchase Imperial Ordnance facilities I4 and K7, located on the worlds of Marhalt and Lanor Mecanis, respectively. This effectively doubled the company's production capabilities, as well as putting them in more widespread locations to reduce shipping costs. I9 also holds patents for over two hundred military vehicles, including Grav Tanks, a wide range of repulsor gunships and other atmospheric craft, dropships, light scout vehicles, and Mechanized walkers, and has also created nearly a thousand various weapons, ranging from infantry-level small arms, to field artillery, to vehicle armaments, to the deck guns used on naval warships.


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