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The History of the Phoenix Command Group (condensed)

on Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:37 pm
This is my attempt to write a condensed history of the PCG and the surrounding factions. Will see how it goes. Please feel free to correct me where I go wrong, some of this is made up to fill in gaps.

Founding of the Phoenix Command Group

The Phoenix Command Group (PCG) originated as the Phoenix Battlegroup, a group of a few captains and their crew dissatisfied with the soft, corrupt, and always politically correct United Federation of Planets. Captain Johnnyred initiated a break from Starfleet, the spaceship authority of the UFP. With him where Captains Ianrobert and Legotrain. They began traveling the Federation's territory, defeating pirates, intruding Romulans, and whoever else disturbed the peace without the red-tape or the oppressive denial hand of their former authority. Quite quickly Captains SloopofWar, Spacedude, SirSquid, Flipz, and Jared50000 joined the battlegroup.

The group ignored the laws governing the use of weapons on spaceships and quickly began bolting on extra weapons to bring their starships from their standard compliment of a handful of phasers and a torpedo launcher or two to truly formidable starships, and thus finally providing the Federation territories with modernized force that could actually rival a Romulan task force or Dominion raiding party without needing an entire fleet to do so.

The battlegroup quickly grew as more starfleet personel left and signed up with the Phoenix Battlegroup instead. During this time the group was renamed the Phoenix Command Group. The original captains, plus Raven01, a supersoldier cyborg, became the council, the guiding force behind the loosely (relative to any other faction) controlled group.

Many people joined the new PCG, but few ships did. The PCG made money through hiring itself out for protection, or from looting destroyed enemies, but this hardly covered operating costs, let alone new ships. Occasionally a Captain would desert starfleet and bring his ship with him, but never often enough for all the new recruits. (Starfleet, unwilling to face the PCG to get it's ships back, did nothing to stop a deserting Captain once he made it to the haven of the PCG). The previously happy go-lucky group was now faced with the reality of operating costs, something had to be done if the group was to survive.

Using a gift from an alien, Johnnyred was able to discover several systems of raw resources in bountiful quantities, mostly those ores and elements used to make materials used in star-ship production. The PCG quickly began mining it and the revenue quickly made the PCG wealthy enough to conduct operations with little worry about money. This income and cheap building materials (owning the raw resources typically makes them cost less) lead to the PCG becoming not just a fleet of ships, but now as a manufacturer of them. It quickly grew to become the largest producer of starships in the alpha and beta quadrants. Non-military craft where sold to merchants and corporations, providing additional income, while warships where continuously built, allowing the PCG to expand their operations.

Eventually the Pheonix Command Group became large enough that the Federation decided something had to be done about them. They began negotiating to try and bring the PCG back under their control, but the PCG refused. The PCG where undeniably helpful in keeping pirates and incursions from other factions down, and the Federation as such did not want to make an outright enemy of the PCG in their negotiations, and force was all together not an option.

Eventually the two struck settled their differences. The PCG would have almost complete free-reign through the federation, and would have control over the outer edges of it. Thus the PCG would act as a "buffer" between the Federation and the surrounding factions. The Federation was not altogether happy with the arrangement, but atleast someone else now bore the responsibility and liability for the use of force and politics of it's neighbors.

Operation Omega

While the PCG flourished, other small factions began to come onto the galactic scene. One of these was the secretive Delver Group. Headed by a man known as Essaych, they had a knack for advanced technologies, ships that rivaled the greatest PCG ships in size and power, and had a disturbing attraction towards the borg. Mostly with either digging in to their technologies or simply outright slaughtering them, at a time when even the PCG could not defeat a cube except with their very best and largest of ships. One of the most valuble technologies the Delver Group possessed was that of the Akaries (speeling?) jump gates. The PCG sought to make use of these, as they would allow the PCG to respond more quickly to threats.

A deal was struck, Essaych and the council agree that the PCg could have limited use of the jumpgates in return for one captured cube. The cube in particular was one investigating a subspace anomaly at Omega 42. The five best ships in the PCG set off with their Captains, all of them on the council, to catch this beast. Little did they know that their incredible difficult task was actually the beginning of a nightmare.

Upon arriving at Omega 42, the five ships found no cube, but rather a very large, completely unknown ship that immediately attacked them. It's sole beam weapon was powerful enough to dispatch each ship with one shot. One such beam actually ripped one of the ships clean in half and powered through to demolish a second one. In seconds it was all over.

The PCG responded frantically. Iron fleet headed by a young man by the name of Captain Dino raced to the scene. There they found the two alien ships, which dino recognized to be of the quiet PPT fleet. They dropped the survivors off onto the Iron fleet ships and warped away. Iron fleet began coming the area for survivors and picked up many more, before receiving the coordinates to the attacking ship. Upon arriving, Captain Dino tried to engage, but where driven off by the ship, barely escaping it's powerful beams, and noting that the PPT attack had likewise failed.

Somehow, leader of the council Johnnyred was missed in the recovery, though all other council members miraculously made it out alive. The PCG scrambled to respond to this unprecedented threat, as more and more ships, termed "Spectres" began to make appearances. Massive warships, termed "supercruisers", where created to combat this threat. Of reputable note where the Empress, designed Captain Gandalf, the Patriarch, designed by Captain Scarecrow, and the longest PCG ship to date, the St. George, by Captain Dino. These three became known as the Three Musketeers, and due to their exemplary leadership and perseverance at the frontlines of the war agsint the Spectres found themselves quickly promoted through the ranks, until they where second only to the council.

The war was fought to a stalemate, which a huge loss of life on the side of the PCG. During this time Johnnyred escaped from Spectre captivity and revealed that the subspace anamoly that he and the four other captains had found the first Spectre at was infact a wormhole between this universe and an alternate universe where the powerful borg had taken over. They where attempting to construct a gateway to stabalize the wormhole and allow an unlimited flood of Spectreships to arrive and break the stalemate.

The PCG moved first, utilizing the Akaries jumpgates they moved almost the entire whole of the combined PCG forces to the heart of Spectre territory, to Omega 42. The all out assault is still remembered today as the largest space battle in history. The PCG made it nearly to the gate but even the supercruisers shields failed under the combined power of the Spectres. At this last moment, the Delver flagship, the Hazeroth, burst into the fight through a forced wormhole and beelined straight for the gate like greased lightning. Right as it's defenses failed it crashed into the gate. The PCG, taking advantage of the distraction it provided, pulled back to a safe distance, while the destabalized Omega mollecules onboard the Hazeroth produced a devestating effect. What is now known as the "Omega Maw" formed, growing rapidly and wiping out the majority of the Spectres as well as the wormhole through which they came.

The PCG had suffered incredible losses, but they quickly rebuilt and used the war-forged technologies to become the most advanced and powerful faction in the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

Rise of the Corporate Empires

During the PCG's golden days, many corporate conglomerations found themselves with so much wealth that they began building military fleets. This lead to the explosion of the Corporate Empires, buisnesses that took over entire systems and founded buisness/government mixes.

Of note is the Imperium. The Minotaur Mercenary Force, rivals to the PCG, worked their way into a war between the old Imperium government and where able to take over governments and buisnesses alike, until they reshaped themselves into the Minotaur Imperium, a government that controlled mega buisnesses and a large amount of territory. The faction today is still seen as something of a rival to the PCG, and excels in ground warfare.

Also of note is the Yaka Empire. The Yaka corporation began before the PCG was formed, and grew to encompass and area as large as the Federation. Along the way it was reorganized from a buisness with large land holdings to a true Corporate Government. The Yaka Empire is well known for it's groundbreaking planetside warfare technologies, highly trained and extremely lethal troops, and it's devastating fleet. It and the Imperium are perhaps the only two factions that rival the PCG in power. The Yaka Empire has been for years at war with a faction known only as "The Plague", who's intentions and workings are not well known. What is known is that it appears to be a collective, with zombie-like features. Creatures appear not to have minds of their own but be controlled by some form of central intelligence, and are capable of infecting others and mangling their bodies into organic weapons of war.

During this time the notable Yor War occured, in which Avatar Fleet (headed by Captain Gandalf) mostly participated, as well as the Yneme War, which lead to partnership between the PCG and the ETX Empire.

Traitors and Divided Houses

The Cor Redor Incursion

To Be continued,..

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Re: The History of the Phoenix Command Group (condensed)

on Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:32 am
Accurate-ish... we'll discuss the accuracy later when I'm not sorting bricks. Razz


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Re: The History of the Phoenix Command Group (condensed)

on Tue Jun 23, 2015 6:05 pm
This is an awesome, brief summary. I'd imagine this will be extremely useful for new members to quickly get a general idea of what exactly is going on. Razz
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Re: The History of the Phoenix Command Group (condensed)

on Tue Jun 23, 2015 6:14 pm
The one thing I will say- Considering most of our enemies were basically large pirate groups, perhaps we should have some form of "Great Pirate War" or "Privateer wars" or something, as a general term for the series of conflicts we fought with their ilk?

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Re: The History of the Phoenix Command Group (condensed)

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