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AV2000 Fire Hawk

on Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:37 pm

LDD File (LEGO Gallery)

Launched around the same time as the modern Hawk series, the Avcorp 2000 Fire Hawk is a fighter renowned for its speed and durability.

While a little less maneuverable than its EELectric Jet Company contemporary, the Tiger Hawk, the Fire Hawk is just as popular among rogue forces due to it being just as inexpensive to produce.

Despite originating as an Earth fighter, the Fire Hawk and other electric jet fighters are cheap to produce and easy to fix - a number of counterfeit models exist, being produced at factories somewhere off-world. Star Force has yet to pinpoint even the largest node of the counterfeit production operation, but they are and will keep searching.


- 2x 100mj rated guns

- Energy absorbent material

Power systems:
- Electric turbojet engine
- Chemical burn thrusters

- Two out of five stars
- Three out of five stars

Genuine improved models include the Fire Hawk Delta (faster, longer range, more durability) and Super Fire Hawk (same as Delta, more maneuverable, 4x 100mj rated guns).

- Talmid out!

PS. This was a nightmare to build.

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