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Commander (PCG)
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MTR-06 Daybreak Class Mobile Mortar walker mech

on Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:54 am

LDD File

The MTR-06 is Mechanion Union's latest delivery to the Federation and her allies, in an effort to fill the void of Star Force's meager ground arsenal.

Mechanion Union has provided walker mechs to Star Force since 2496, starting with the underpowered MTR-01 Sunrise Anti-Infantry walker mech in 2496; the clunky, heavily armed and armored, but still clunky MTR-02 Frontier Battle walker mech in 2497; the compact and complex MTR-03 Horizon scout walker mech in 2498; and lastly, the well-armed, armored, and rotund MTR-04 Endeavor Recon walker mech of 2499.

While not perfect by any means, these machines were the best Star Force could procure, AND they were covered by warranty, making them indefinitely better than the cheap machines that were always falling apart, previously in use by young Star Force.

Even to this wonderful day in 2515, the original four MTR walker mechs still see use in about every Star Force ground operation, providing that much needed infantry support.

(Another Mechanion Union model, the MTR-05 Twilight, was released around 2512 with limited usage.  An experimental device, the MTR-06 was very underarmed, underarmored, and shaped disproportionately.  Remaining specimens currently reside in storage.)

As Mechanion Union's first new model in many years, the MTR-06 provides Star Force with a modern machine.  Mechanion Union has had many years to develop the most user-friendly, secure, and optimized computer equipment for their mechs, just in time for and as part of a systemwide computer update for Star Force equipment addressing some undisclosable security flaws.

The MTR-06 Daybreak Class Mobile Mortar walker mech comes armed with some pretty nice firepower, in the form of two photonic mortars, made possible because the new machine is capable of suppressing the recoil.

The machine also comes armed with a dual MG850 phaser gun in the nose, and two MG450 lite guns.

Depending on how successful this new frame is, Star Force is considering having Mechanion Union start building new variants based on the same MTR-06 platform.

Captain (PCG)
Captain (PCG)
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Re: MTR-06 Daybreak Class Mobile Mortar walker mech

on Sun Aug 09, 2015 9:17 pm
That's a pretty nice little mech! The legs feel rather thin, but other than that, this thing is pretty cool!



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