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For our returning veterans who prefer the PCG as imagined in the LUCL, it's still here.

Oh, and before to go― please, grab a sidearm. It gets a bit crazy around here...

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MSI Army Trooper- Standard Uniform Empty MSI Army Trooper- Standard Uniform

on Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:42 pm
MSI Army Trooper- Standard Uniform Img_0111

The primary armor used by the Grand Army of the Imperium is CierTech's TT-1 Combat Armor. There are several variations of this armor. Various camouflage types are available. TT-2 Stealth Armor is equipped with active camouflage to easily blend in with any surroundings, while TT-3 Juggernaut Armor is a significantly stronger and larger version of the TT-1, and is equipped with micro-motors on some joints to help Juggernaut units heft their heavy weapons.

The TT-1 Combat Armor is made up of several different plastoid plates, covering the torso, arms, and legs. This armor is worn over a blast-resistant body glove for extra protection. Unlike the armor used by the Commandos, TT-1 armor is not designed to withstand direct fire, but rather to protect the wearer for explosions, climate, and glancing hits. Standard TT-1 armor contains a helmet with a HUD, general-use comm unit, and basic survival gear and ammunition.

MSI Army Troopers are usually equipped with an S-21 Repeating Projectile Rifle, a B-55 blaster pistol, 3 fragmentation grenades, and a single thermal detonator.

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MSI Army Trooper- Standard Uniform Empty Re: MSI Army Trooper- Standard Uniform

on Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:29 pm
Okay... now that fig is NIIIICE! That face... the coloration.... GREAT job! :DMy ONLY suggestion is to turn the magazine (hand) around, other than that. EPIC! I'm really enjoying your figs... Very Happy

MSI Army Trooper- Standard Uniform York_j11


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