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F-622b TSI Harrier Hawk Empty F-622b TSI Harrier Hawk

on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:01 pm
F-622b TSI Harrier Hawk C66b6d87-a9a5-440b-8a56-88b2eccfa23d?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=558


Back in the late 25th Century, Talmidian Starship Industries decided to experiment with some light aerospace combat craft designs. The results were hardly anything commendable, but they it helped convince the Industry to stick to starships.

Half a century has passed since and Talmidian Starship Industries has learned a few tricks from its corporate allies, United Star Fighters Incorporated and HPC Airframe Industries. The result is a warehouse-wide refit of Talmidian Starship Industries' old F-O22 Harrier fighters. The new planes are F-622b Harrier Hawks.

Armed with MP-850 Lite Phaser Cannons and little else, the upgraded Harrier Hawk models come equipped with light shielding and ablative armor. The F-622b also comes with low-energy consumption integrated thrusters, which provide plenty of speed when installed on a tiny plane.

The F-622b's highlights are its quickness and agility. The original Harriers were fairly maneuverable; the new Harrier Hawks can compete with Star Force's greatest handlers.

F-622b TSI Harrier Hawk Cd96a73a-a510-4a69-820d-b7c7a14b906d?xml=1&showmedia=1&width=800&height=582
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