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PPM - Technical Aspects

on Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:38 pm
This is primarily for Mighty and Arik to discuss technical aspects of the roleplay (currencies, weapon damages, warp speeds, etc.)


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Re: PPM - Technical Aspects

on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:21 pm
Gracias, this'll help keep things from getting cluttered up over in the other topic. Razz

Here's a calculator-thingy we put together for the RP:

It's made to tell you how many of your guns successfully hit the target ship.
-Length of Target Ship: Type in how long the ship you're attacking is (in meters).
Distance to Target: Type in how far you are from the enemy ship (in kilometers).
Sensor Power: Type in how many points you put into sensors that turn.
Target's Thruster Power: Type in how many points the enemy ship put into thrusters that turn.
Weapon Count: Type in how many weapons you're firing off.

...And voila! The calculator will tell you how many of your shots hit the enemy ship.

Note, the results are partially randomized. Don't be surprised if you get two answers one after another that are different from each other. Razz


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Re: PPM - Technical Aspects

on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:48 am
Upon playing with the calculator some, it seems that it almost always gives a result of 100% hits or occasionally 90% hits at some settings, and at others it is almost exclusively zero, with no middle ground of hits to be found. This was tried with various combinations of lengths, speeds, sensors settings, distances, and weapon counts.  sensors sub 800 seem to always yield zero, along with speeds in excess of 200, even with a sensors power of 900 which previously yielded almost always 100% hits.

I did try lower speeds and sensors and such but they often yielded either zero (low sensors) or 100% (low speed)

Edit: Wait, I found one that works. 400 sensors power and 30 speed. At 600 length and 500 distance and 20 weapon count, gives me a better spread of numbers. 300 or 500 sensor power or 20 speed or 40 speed ruined the calculator again.


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Re: PPM - Technical Aspects

on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:55 am
Yeah, that version's pretty bad with the whole "not giving numbers between 0 and 100" thing- though the fact that the numbers you're using are waaaay higher probably didn't help a lot. Razz Arik and I worked out a version on the chat last night that works much better; hopefully, he'll post it later today.

For reference, the length of the ships is in meters; distance would nominally be around the 10-15 klick mark; sensors and engines would generally be somewhere in the 10-ish range (with 20 being the cap, at least for the latter), and weapons would probably roughly be a range between 8 and 30 or so, depending on the ship (the Hades' Gate, for example, has an attack power of forty-ish, IIRC).

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Re: PPM - Technical Aspects

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