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Commander (PCG)
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MCorp Messenger 2

on Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:25 pm

LDD file (Messenger 2)

An early Earth star fighter, the original MCorp Messenger 1 saw action during the waning days of the Crystalien Conflict as a supply courier, and a nuclear bomber in the Earth-Romulan War. Since their retirement from federal service, both the durable Messenger 1 and its redesign the Messenger 2 have remained popular in civilian, mercenary, and independent circles.

The Star Force Public Threat Awareness Database lists the MCorp Messenger 1 as a Level 3 threat due to its WMD transport and bomber capabilities, whereas the MCorp Messenger 2 is categorized as a lesser Level 1 threat, as it is simply an obsolescent combat fighter.

MCorp Messenger 1:

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Captain (PCG)
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Re: MCorp Messenger 2

on Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:42 pm
This is pretty well done, but it just doesn't "speak to me" for some reason. 

I like the back, the engines, the top, and the wings. But I feel the front is a little... rough. I don't know how to explain it, but it doesn't feel sleek and balanced up front. But this has the makings of a cool, rugged fighter, and I really like the history!



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