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TLG Comprehensive Arms and Armour Thread Empty TLG Comprehensive Arms and Armour Thread

on Sun Oct 04, 2015 7:45 pm
This is the start of my comprehensive thread for all arms and armour produced by The Logistics Group, a major corporation based on my subfaction's capital of Kandir.

TLG Mk. 1 Modular Combat Helmet (MCH-1)
The Logistics Group developed the Mk. 1 Modular Combat Helmet, or MCH-1, to combat the Yezero Armoury's high-tech helmet and HUD designs. As is the case with most TLG designs, the MCH-1 is both modular and (relatively) inexpensive. Coming in a variety of base designs (and more colours than it would be prudent to show), a variety of visors may be fitted to the MCH-1:

TLG Comprehensive Arms and Armour Thread Visors12 Left to right:
HAZOP (Hazardous Operations), EXOOP (Exoatmospheric Operations), HAZII (Hazardous Operations II: Lightweight), WARRR (Warrior), PILOT (Pilot), ENGIE (Engineer)

TLG Comprehensive Arms and Armour Thread Visors10 Left to right: LRNGE (Long Range), RNGER (Ranger), NIVIS (Night Visibility), HISPD (High Speed), FROST (Frostbite)
TLG Comprehensive Arms and Armour Thread Visors11 Left to right: RECRT (Recruit/Standard), SOLAR (Solar), CMBAT (Combat), SWSTM (Snowstorm), VOID (Void)

A brief description of the helmets is below:
Helmet Description:
HAZOP (Hazardous Operations): The Hazardous Operations helmet is more like a suit overlay - it fits over most of the upper body of most humanoid species, providing protection against a variety of hazardous materials and enabling it to be used in EOD situations.
EXOOP (Exoatmospheric Operations): EXOOP is designed to be used in environments where breathable air is not readily available, and provides two robust, reinforced tube systems to provide breathable air to the user.
HAZII (Hazardous Operations II: Lightweight): The HAZII provides protection from most commonly encountered hazardous materials at a lighter weight than the HAZOP, at the expense of total protection from anything you may come across.
WARRR (Warrior): The WARRR helmet is the best combination of protection and maneuverability for a soldier on the go, and is readily compatible with any TLG visor.
PILOT (Pilot): The PILOT helmet provides adequate protection for someone who operates vehicles, and is completely vacuum-tight to allow for use in a variety of locations and situations.
ENGIE (Engineer): The ENGIE helmet provides protection that meets current TLG safety regulations for construction workers as well as magnetic mounts for tools, lights, and other equipment.

A brief description of the visors is below:
Visor Description:
LRNGE (Long Range): The LRNGE visor is equipped with a built-in set of zoom utilities, image enhancement tools, and brightness mitigation systems (though these are nowhere near as robust as the systems fitted to the SOLAR, FROST, or SWSTM visors).
RNGER (Ranger): The RNGER visor is nearly identical to the LRNGE visor, save for an added long-range communications antenna added.
NIVIS (Night Visibility): The NIVIS visor contains an extensive set of image enhancement tools and a renowned multi-spectrum visibility suite. However, it is nearly useless in higher brightness settings due to its finely tuned sensitivity.
HISPD (High Speed): High Speed is somewhat of a misnomer for this extremely durable visor. The lenses are designed to take a full-size rifle round, if necessary, and form a total seal around the eyes of most humanoid species to prevent any foreign material from entering.
FROST (Frostbite): The FROST visor is the direct result of a prototype merging of the SWSTM and HISPD visors, providing the brightness mitigation of the SWSTM visor, the durability and seal of the HISPD visor, and its own built-in heater.
RECRT (Recruit/Standard): The RECRT visor is, by far, the most commonly used of all TLG visor suites, providing what is considered by many the best all-around versatility and effectiveness for the price.
SOLAR (Solar): The SOLAR visor is designed to be used in extremely bright situations, containing cutting-edge brightness mitigation technology and image enhancement tools as well as a specialised environment control system built in to the visor.
CMBAT (Combat): The CMBAT visor is a step up from the RECRT visor, containing a set of image enhancement tools and a (several generations old) multi-spectrum visibility suite.
SWSTM (Snowstorm): The SWSTM visor is simply a cheaper version of the SOLAR visor, using slightly older brightness mitigation technology that still delivers impressive results for the cost.
VOID (Void): The VOID visor, for quite some time, was considered a myth. Its image enhancement tools rival that of mid-range Yezero designs, and its multi-spectrum systems surpass any other TLG design (including the NIVIS visor) due to its quick adaptiveness from absolute blackness to standard brightness and even snow-world brightness.

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