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YA Comprehensive Arms and Armour Thread Empty YA Comprehensive Arms and Armour Thread

on Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:52 pm
This is the start of my comprehensive thread for all arms and armour produced by Yezero Armoury, a major corporation based on my subfaction's capital of Kandir and the primary rival of The Logistics Group. Expect major cosmetic updates to come once I figure out how to draw this stuff. Razz

YA Mk. III.VII Combat Armour: Reflexive model (CA-3.7)
The CA-3.7, or more simply, the Reflexive system of combat armour, produced by Yezero Armoury, is the most adaptable set of armour to date. Containing over a dozen designs, this set encompasses a wide variety of applications, from covert operations and recon to extravehicular activities.

The CA-3.7 system contains three main categories of combat armour, each containing its own array of components. These three systems are:

Offensive (O):

The BOURNE array carries a package of components designed to provide the user with a variety of options for aerial (or orbital) insertion, including an integrated jetpack and thruster pack, gravity/magnetism manipulation systems in the gloves and boots, and a compacted (and somewhat archaic) parachute deployed from a slot in the upper area of the back.
In addition to these methods of slowing descent, the BOURNE array has increased reinforcement to the leg/lower appendage joints to provide the user with the ability to drop from greater heights, a toggleable active/passive ping suite (consisting of a variety of detection technologies to view the path below the user), and a redesigned weather prediction suite to aid in windage calculations for dropping or extended jetpack/thruster pack flight.

CIO arrays carry a brand-new sensor/transmission package that records data from a variety of spectra and transmits the encrypted telemetry over exceedingly long ranges (for its size). The sensor data can also be viewed directly on the HUD, and the automatic telemetry can be disabled to minimise detection. A variety of data slicing, electronic and analogue lock-picking, and remote monitoring equipment is integrated into some areas of the suit.

The EOD array is quite heavily externally streamlined compared to most other systems, bar the BOURNE array, to allow any explosions to flow easily around the armour without causing unnecessary damage to the user.

In development.
In development.
In development.

Defensive (D):

In development.
In development.
In development.
In development.

Varied (V):

Extravehicular activity isn't quite all of what the EVA array is capable of - not only is it able to operate in a vacuum with greater ease than other arrays due to its gravity manipulation systems located in the gloves and boots, but it is also capable of withstanding extreme pressures, such as those found far underwater. An integrated thruster pack increases the ease of use even more, and the helm uses the stereotypical "bubble" astronaut-style to increase visibility.

The PATHFINDER array is outfitted for long pursuits, whether they be foot-based on a wilderness planet or spanning several systems. Included in the HUD is a multi-spectrum visual system with an additional heat imaging layer, a variety of chronometers, geographical telemetry, and other tools useful to figure out where you are, where you're going, where your target is, and where it's going. PATHFINDER arrays also include a full air, heat, and water recycling system to minimise trackability and increase the duration the user can keep up the pursuit.
In development.
In development.

Naming Scheme
First letter series: Type (_Assault _Rifle, _Battle _Rifle, _Designated _Marksman _Rifle, _Anti _Infantry, _Anti _Materiel, _Shotgun, _Sub _Machine _Gun, _Pistol, _LM_G, _Rocket Launcher)
First number series: Caliber/Gauge
Second letter series: Version/Model
Ex. S8A: Shotgun, 8 Gauge, 1st Version

S4A - 4 gauge pump-action shotgun, 5+1 tube mag. Old-fashioned bead sight. Rare, wood stock.
S8A - 8 gauge pump-action shotgun, 5+1 tube mag. Partridge sight, wood stock.
S12A - 12 gauge pump-action shotgun - most common shotgun, 7+1 tube mag. Available in express iron sights or standard rail, with wood stock.

DMR300A - .300 Winchester Mag designated marksman rifle with 16 round magazine. Standard rail for optics, available with specialised integrated 3x/6x/12x variable zoom scope. Effective to 500m if properly sighted and with correct optics.
AI300A - .300 Winchester Mag anti-infantry rifle, 8 round magazine, custom 6x/12x/24x/48x variable zoom optics, up to and past 300m.
AI12.7 - 50 cal (subsonic) anti-infantry rifle, 6 round magazine, custom 3x/6x/12x variable zoom optics, up to 300m. Built-in suppressor. Essentially exists for closer, quieter sniping when an AMxA is too pricey or too fragile for the job.
P45C - 45 Colt six-shot revolver, available with iron sights or top rail for optics.

AMxA - Verpine-style anti-anything rifle, bolt-action. Will fire anything you can stuff into its chamber. Custom 3x/6x/12x/24x/48x multiple spectrum  variable zoom optics, doesn’t “bounce”. Extremely expensive, even for a YA product. Uses gravity manipulation similarly to magnets in a railgun to fling essentially anything that can be fit into its firing chamber at its target at variable speeds.

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