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Threat 0xZRQ448E - Analysis of Clan "Inik'ranoi" Empty Threat 0xZRQ448E - Analysis of Clan "Inik'ranoi"

on Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:34 pm
K:\AREA9\Classified\Users\Sue>cd K:\AREA9\Classified\Factions\Threats

K:\AREA9\Classified\Factions\Threats>print Threat-0xZRQ453B
Input Security Clearance Authorization> **************
Security Clearance granted
Loading Threat-0xZRQ453B
Loading text                   -Good
Loading pictures             -Good
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Loading Threat-0xZRQ453B with 3vilGimp reader...

Timestamp: 224743 26871103

Clan Inik'ranoi specializes in Colonization. They rapidly settle a planet, strip resources out of it, and move on. They are faster and more efficient at it than any other clan known so far in the Dragur, but usually stay on any one planet far shorter than any other clan, often leaving having barely exploited the planet's potential. Sometimes however they will spend quite a while on a planet, fixing their ships and regrouping for their next attack.

They tend to keep to themselves more so than any other clans. While this has led to them being more independent in all things, they has also suffered from lack of inter-clan trade. They are excellent improvisors; their entire society is rife with shoddy but capable goods, ships, materials, everything else. Their unstable, insecure and harsh lifestyle makes them especially dangerous and resilent. Every raid is a critical raid, and the Draugr of the Inik'ranoi are a scrappy bunch. They fight with an intensity born of desperation, something even the other Draugr fear a little.

The poorly assembled and often poorly made resources of the Inik'ranoi means that they rarely can afford an all-out brawl, and they don't have the capability for a detailed inteligence gathering. So they often attack obviously smaller weaker targets, which then yields fewer, less advanced resources, but which serve as their bread and butter. They also attack plenty of advanced craft, usually with large numbers of craft outfitted with the best technology in the clan, in order to gain better equipment, highly prized among the Inik'ranoi.

Aaaanad it's late and I'll probably change some stuff around later, but that's all for now.

Threat 0xZRQ448E - Analysis of Clan "Inik'ranoi" Alien_11

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Threat 0xZRQ448E - Analysis of Clan "Inik'ranoi" Empty Re: Threat 0xZRQ448E - Analysis of Clan "Inik'ranoi"

on Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:29 pm
Bump so I can create a shadow of this topic.

Threat 0xZRQ448E - Analysis of Clan "Inik'ranoi" Pcg_ba11

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