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Kyramud'e Tsad Events

on Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:00 pm
Morut’yc Catastrophe
30 years before RP-present
The Morut'yc Catastrophe was a planet-rending event, turning the barely inhabited world of Morut’yc into an inferno by classified means (rumoured by some to be an unknown third party). Since it was completely unexpected, the catastrophe was utterly devastating, however with the rather bittersweet benefit of exposing a vast variety of metals and minerals to the surface, enabling the Kyramud'e Tsad's economy to grow sizably. The Morut’yc Naval Base was officially established and strengthened as a result, and the KT is now on an edge not seen in decades.

Acyk Skirmishes
28 years before RP-present
The Acyk Skirmishes are a shadowy event to any outside the MSI, and even to most outside the Kyramud'e Tsad. They are rarely discussed, and the details have only been released to the galaxy once through an official statement produced by the Kandir Office of Intelligence immediately after the skirmishes occurred. This statement is extremely rare in most datacentres and is highly valuable due to its scarcity.

Band Accords
22 years before RP-present
The Band Accords were developed as a result of the Morut’yc Catastrophe and Acyk Skirmishes. The KOI Directives are a direct (internal) result of the Band Accords, which (in turn) govern relations between the KT and outside parties. The situation surrounding the development of the Band Accords is even more speculatory than the situation surrounding the Acyk Skirmishes.

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